“A Fart in a whirlwind”.

A long time ago, ok, maybe not that so long ago.  I used to move around quite quickly, accomplishing a lot of things at once.  I like to think of it as multi-tasking.  The Farmer refers to it, as me being a “fart in a whirlwind”.

I thought about this term on Saturday, after I had gotten up and started a million different tasks around the house.  I managed to finish them all, and get all my errands done as well.

I had a little mental moment (ok maybe a BIG mental moment on Saturday).  Sometimes, things that we go through in our life,  (as the Farmer says) builds character.  But sometimes, there are awful memories.  I think the trick is to get over it, and go on from there.

Sunday morning dawned, and something happened to me that I’ve NEVER had. The Electrician brought me breakfast in bed.  Now to some of you, this may seem silly, but I was a little over whelmed.  The Fact that he got up early, made coffee, and a spanish omelet, with baby sausages, and fed it to me, well, I started feeling bunches better.

My Sunday was a lazy day, although I did make a loaf of bread, it’s called Amish country bread, and I have never worked with yeast before.  After following all of the instructions, and then getting it on the baking sheet, I sprinkled, kosher salt, dried rosemary, and parmesan cheese all over the top of it.   While it was in the oven, I went out to my garden, and picked some fresh basil, along with fresh parsley, then came inside and made pesto (for the first time as well).

Ok, confession time for Camsgranny, when the bread came out of the oven, while it was still warm, I sliced that puppy up and the Electrician and I spread the pesto on it and then we proceeded to eat the whole loaf.  Oops.  We ended up eating a late dinner, and had a relaxing evening.

This morning I woke up feeling a little refreshed, but a little hesitant about seeing the Farmer.  I said some things in my blog, I wasn’t sure how he would take.

After our heart to heart, and a hug, things were ok again.  We did end up talking about Momma too.  We both know she will never get better, and will get worse. unfortunately for us, we see some of that now.   But we are in agreement, we will continue status quo.

So, now that all of the problems in our world have been solved, I can go back to being that “fart in a whirlwind”.


6 responses

  1. haha, what a name for you!!!!!

    1. It actually fits me to a tee, well…sometimes with a smell and sometimes not…hehehehe

      1. all mine are silent, so you know what that means don’t you, potent. hahahahahha

      2. you crack me up!!! I got some corn for you girl….

  2. It’s a good description of you minus the stink!
    I know what you mean when you talk about that situation of your loved ones reading your blog and worrying about their reactions – I sometimes wish nobody I knew in real life – family and friends – read mine because it makes me bite my tongue sometimes.

    1. I agree, sometimes, I censor myself, and sometimes I don’t, I usually try to warn the Farmer, but this time I didn’t…. I agree, though someone who doesn’t know you can give you a gutt reaction.

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