Warm Wednesday…


Ok, While the whole country is going through some extreme heat conditions, and I’m not complaining, because I would prefer to be hot than cold.  I do have to admit something.  It’s pretty darn warm out there.

When I woke up this morning, trying to find a cool spot in the sheets, with a 12 pound cat on my chest with her paw on my face telling me it was time to get up, I figured ok, I’ll get up.  After finding the coffee pot (ok, I’ll admit, I did drink iced coffee this morning.)  I did my usual domestic goddess stuff, and got ready to go.  Anyone looking at me would have thought I was going to the beach or something.   Tank top, polyester  shorts, flip-flops and my hair in an upside down braid (yea, I’m 50, and I still dressed like that).

I made it to the Farmer’s, and he laughed at my “get up”,   Hey, it kept me cool.  I did my thing there and then left early with the Hoover carpet shampooer loaded into the Rav 4.  The Nursing Student had called me and asked if she could borrow it and after checking with the Farmer(who said yes), I took it on over to her house.

When I arrived at her house, I went in through the back door, and it was quiet, so I didn’t know if the whole gang was sleeping or what.  When I rounded the corner of the living room, I noticed the “gate” was up between the living room and the hallway.  Just as I rounded the corner, Brayden boy was coming out of his parents room and he saw me.  “GRANDMA!!!!!”  he yelled, and then he lifted his arms up for a hug.  So I gave him a big hug and the Nursing Student told me to climb over the gate and come into the bedroom.  About that time, Cam-Man realized what Brayden boy had said and screamed from the other room “GEEMA”, and he came running.  I put Brayden boy down and picked Cam-Man up.

That’s when it got funny.  After a neck breaking hug with his legs and arms wrapped around me, and giving me a kiss, Cam-Man turned and looked at his Momma and Daddy, and Brayden Boy and said “Bye” and waved at them.  I looked at Cam-Man and said, “Uhm, Geema is here to visit, not to kidnap you”.  I really don’t think he liked my answer, because he would not let me put him down and he had a death grip on me.

I visited with them and the whole time, Brayden boy was asking me questions, and Cam-Man had a death grip on me.  When it was time to go, I really wish I had a video, because it was kind of funny.  Everytime I tried to put Cam-Man down, he grabbed another part of me and would not let go.  When I finally had gotten loose and stepped over the gate and waved and blew him a kiss, it dawned on him he wasn’t going with me.  It was not pretty.  But he did scream as I was walking away  “I LOVE YOU TOO”.  After making it to my house, I realised, I miss that little guy as much as he misses me.  (note to self – kidnap him soon).

The Electrician arrived home about 25 minutes after I did, they had called his day due to lightning.  They cannot be up in the towers  when there is lightning.  However, when it is 110 degrees, they can still work.  Make sense to you?  Nah, me neither.

Today is Wednesday, so I went back to the Farmer’s so he could have his regular night with the guys.  The Farmer was looking forward to getting out for a bit.  Unfortunatly for him, nobody showed up due to the extreme heat.  So, he went to a friend’s and visited for a bit and then went and grabbed some Fried chicken and came home.  After talking with him for a bit and telling Joyce and Momma by, I left.

I always call the Electrician when I am leaving, just so he knows.  After hanging up the phone and travelling down the road a bit, I got a phone call.  “Hi Hon”  “Hi, sweetie what’s up?”  (the Electrician)  “Are you going by the Dairy Barn?”  (I had offered to bring him some ice cream from one of the best places to get ice cream near us on my way home, and he told me no).  “Yes, babe, I am going by the Dairy Barn did you change your mind?”  “Yes, Can you bring me whatever I got the last time we were there?”  “That would be an Arctic  Swirl with Heath bar and cookie dough right?”  “Thank you Babe”.

I whipped into the Dairy Barn and got the Electrician’s request, and ok, maybe a small swirl cone for myself, which I inhaled on the rest of the trip home.

Overall, it’s been a pretty warm and ok day….





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  1. what a joy you had in your day today. this is wonderful!

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