WooHoo!! Sisterhood of the WorldBloggers Award….


I have been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award by Terry1954.

The rules are, Give credit to the one who nominated you, that would be Terry1954.wordpress.com.  I have become friends with Terry, as we are dealing with similar situations.  I enjoy her blog, and hope you do to, go check her out.

Tell seven secrets about yourself,  uhm, this might be harder than it looks, because I don’t like to tell all….but ok here goes…

1.  I have a fascination with wolves, one room in my house is dedicated to them, with paintings, pictures, and statues.

2.  I really enjoy shooting guns.

3.  While my pictures might show that blond hair, I am truly a brunette, but blond seems to cover grey a lot better.

4.  I really hate to exercise, and truly have to force myself to do it.

5.  I like salt versus sweet.  Give me a bag of chips versus a candy bar, and I’m in heaven.

6.  I like to smile at random people to see if it makes their day.

7.  I find being short (uhm 4’11”) sometimes a serious problem when trying to reach the top shelf at Grocery Stores, Oh wait who am I kidding, I’m not allowed in them.  hehehe…  No, really most times I enjoy being short, but really hate when what I want is just above my reach.

Nominate seven others,

I have accepted awards before, and I always hate to nominate people, simply for the fact that I don’t know if they want to be nominated, but I will tell you a couple of peeps that I really enjoy,

kanatyler.com  I seriously enjoy her blog, I’ve followed her since the day I started my blog, and she has a really good blog going.  It always interests me and gives me a lot of different stuff to ponder, plus some really good giggles.

geniespeaks.wordpress.com  I am new to Genie’s blog, but I have enjoyed it, and some of the things she says, really hit home with me.

jmgoyder.com Julie and I must have sisters in another life, because I have read her blog, for oh so many months now.  We too are going through similar situations.

russtowne.com  I have recently started following Russ, and I know this is the Sisterhood blog award, but this man has so much insight and is really worth reading.

laughteriscatching.com  This is one of the first blogs I ever read when I first started blogging.  I have followed her forever.  From the time when she was unknown to being “Fresh Pressed”.  I enjoy her blog and her thoughts.


There are so many other’s that I follow, but these peeps, besides Terry1954.wordpress.com, are some of my favorites.

Thanks y’all for this honor.  I’m sorry I didn’t dress up (ok, I may be in my p.j.’s), But thanks again!!!!



6 responses

  1. congratulations!!! and i live in my PJ’s whenever i can get by with it. i believe in comfort, not style!!!!

    1. Uhm… Terry you haven’t seen MY p.j’s, but ok…:)

  2. Yeah! Yahoo! Yippee! & Congratulations! Now I’m off to click on your nominee links.

  3. Onya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. RIGHTBACKATCHA!!!!!!! love ya Jules…

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