Tired and a little snarky….


I have been pretty tired lately, I have come to the conclusion, that while my Parents were getting older so was I.    I have also noticed a little role reversal lately as well.

With Momma it is a given, but this morning when I arrived at the Farmer’s house,  and went in through the back door (like I normally do), I noticed that the Farmer’s sheets were at the bottom of the basement stairs.  Now, it’s taken me awhile to get him to strip his bed every Tuesday and put his sheets into the washer and then I take over from there.  This morning after dropping off the half of watermelon I brought him, I went downstairs and put his sheets into the washer and came back upstairs.  The Farmer was standing guiltily at the coffee pot making himself a cup of coffee when I got the “look” (this is not the traditional, “you”ve got to be kidding me” look, or the “you are in serious trouble” look).  This was a “new” look.  This one was a guilty look, and at first I thought it was because he did not put his sheets in the washer.  WRONG.  He confessed immediately.

“Uhm, I’m sorry, I trashed the kitchen floor, but I tracked mud in last night when I watered the garden”.  After that comment, I looked at the floor.    I could have giggled, and I really wanted to, but I was stern with him and stated, “Well, I guess we will have to clean it huh?”.

He went back to his room, and I exploded into quiet giggles, while I was remembering, ME, getting into trouble with my Grandma for tracking on the floor.    After grabbing a cup of coffee, I went in and we chatted like we normally do, and formulated our game plan for the day.

I went in and made breakfast and we both ate, and then the Farmer boot scooted out into his “domain”, the garage/shed.    I got busy mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors, and then ran the vacuum.  I remade the Farmer’s bed with his clean sheets, and then checked on Momma.  I had already given her some meds and changed HER bed stuff, so she was clean and dry, and I was in the process of doing her laundry.

We got Momma up and she was in a happy state today, she was chatty and happy.  Unfortunately, Momma will start a conversation and then forget what she was talking about.  I also think I have turned the Farmer into a HGTV junkie, especially when it is House Hunters, or My First Place, shows.    He got distracted a couple of times today by HGTV.

When I had everything done, I headed out down the road.   I was on the way to the Nursing Student‘s house.  Cam-man got his cast off yesterday, and I wanted to see him.

When I got there and opened the door, Cam-Man was there to say “Hi Memaw”.  (My name has changed from Geema to Memaw).   He handed me his cup and said ‘more please”.  So, I got him another cup of juice, after the Nursing Student came in and showed me which one he could have.    We went into the living room, and sat down and he promptly climbed up in my lap.  Then he grabbed my keys out of my purse and looked at his Momma and Daddy and said “Bye!”.   I had to explain, I wasn’t taking him with me, I had just stopped by to visit.

Cam-Man and I then entered into a conversation which was quite lively.  When Cam grabbed my cell phone, I took it from him and showed him pictures in my phone.  When I showed him pictures of the Farmer, he stated “Pawpaw”, when he saw pictures of my Momma, he said “Geema”, when I showed him his picture, he stated (with a giggle) “Me”, then I showed him a picture of the Electrician and he shouted “PAPA”, then he saw my picture and said “Memaw”.

Cam and I played for a bit, but it was obvious, it was nap time.  His Momma made him tell me “night night” and he gave me a kiss and then went for a nap.  I chatted with the Nursing Student for a bit and the Fisher  dude too, and then I had to go.

When I got home, I finished up those domestic diva duties that apparently I don’t do well enough (yes, that was a little snarky, but I’m feeling a little snarky).  I got a phone call stating that the Electrician’s day which is normally a 10 hour day had just turned into a 12 hour day.  So, I pushed back dinner and let myself play on Facebook for a while.

After the Electrician FINALLY arrived home, I gave him dinner, for all of you who read the playing with chili post, I figured out how to re-make those left overs.  I made nacho’s with the enchilada’s as a dipper, with some nacho cheese.  It was really good, and not too spicy.

So, with all of that being said, I think I am taking my tired, snarky butt to bed. Tomorrow is another day, and this too shall pass.



2 responses

  1. You never cease to amaze me – how much you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. i got tired from reading all you do in one day. no wonder there is no added weight on you. as far as left-overs, i use my imagination to make every single meal i can. it saves me time also in the kitchen and i try hard not to waste food. my children do not care for left-overs, so they toss, but Al is not picky at all and will eat anything prepared for him………lol

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