Today was a Cam-Man day!

After finishing up my stuff at the Farmer’s house today, I scooted over to the Nursing Student‘s house, because I got to watch Cam-Man this afternoon.    I have been looking forward to this since Tuesday.

I arrived, and the Nursing student had already left for work. The Fisher dude was happy to see me, because he had to run to the store for more diapers.  I walked in and it seemed awfully quiet.   Fisher dude told me Cam-Man was napping.  When I asked how long he’s been asleep, he said about an hour.  So, I figured I would relax for about a half an hour, and then I would get his sleepy butt up.

I goofed off for a bit and then went in and checked on little dude.  He was sleeping so peacefully, I didn’t have the heart to wake him up.  So, I sat down and found myself watching HGTV House Hunters.  (It must run in the family because ALL of my family watches this show.)

After a few minutes, I thought I heard something, so I went into check on little dude.  He sat straight up and put his arms out to me and said MEMAW!!!!  We had a loving reunion, and then I changed his pants and got some good hugs.  I think Cam-Man had plans for me though, because he went and got his sandals, brought them to me and said “Outside?”.

So, we went outside to the backyard, and proceeded to get a little dirty.  We teeter-tottered, rode on the swing and batted the ball around a little bit.  I asked Cam-Man if he was ready for his snack, and he was all for it.  We shared a popsicle.  Cam-Man’s other Grandma was coming to pick him up, and the Nursing Student had left a list of the “approved” snacks, and dinner items.  Pfft..I didn’t pay any attention to that sucker, Cam-Man and I had a popsicle, and some juice and then I had a granola bar in my purse we shared.

We played some more, and then we heard Grandma Sue come in.  Cam-man was happy to see her, but kept shouting Papa at both of us.    I promised Cam-man that he would see his Papa tomorrow, and that I had to go and Grandma Sue was taking him to her house.    We went outside and I told him to give me a kiss and that I was going home.  Cam-Man made me giggle, because he gave me a kiss, and then waved to me.  I got in my car, and his Grandma Sue was putting the car seat into her car, and Cam-Man was patiently waiting to climb up into it.    I pulled out and waved, and lucky for me I had my windows rolled down because Cam-man turned around and waved and blew me kisses and shouted at the top of his lungs “LOVE YOU TO!”.  So, I stopped and yelled back “Love you to, see you tomorrow ok?”  to which he replied  “tomorrow, PAPA?”  “Yes Cam-Man tomorrow you will see Papa.”

Sometimes, spending time with a two-year old beats a room full of adults.


5 responses

  1. that was just the sweetest blog ever Jo. loved it!!!!

    1. The afternoon was a lot better than the morning.

      1. i am so happy for you

  2. I love the way you describe his little chirpy voice – I can hear him through your post!

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