Are you watching the Olympics?

Are you watching the Olympics?  My house is.  From the opening ceremonies, which I personally enjoyed, with my favorite part being Mr. Bean.

We’ve watched swimming, women’s sand volleyball (it’s a given for the Electrician, they ARE wearing bikini’s).  We watched the women’s Skeet shooting (which I REALLY enjoyed).

This morning though, there was a flurry of activity on my Facebook page, during the women’s cycling road race.  When I got up out of bed this morning and hosed down my eye, and could finally see (that’s another post), I looked at the route they were traveling.  I logged onto Facebook, and my adopted brother Eric (I have A LOT of Eric’s in my life), had posted on my page, about them riding through our old “stomping” grounds.

I had to laugh at the thought we were both remembering the same event, that had to do with Box Hill. ( giggle.  Sorry, maybe someday I will post about it, but don’t hold your breath, because the Farmer reads my blog and that is one story, he has no knowledge of, and if he did, I’m not to old to get my butt whooped.)

But, back to the Olympics, do you have a favorite sport?  You have to remember that the Electrician is a “sport’s nut”, which I have learned to live with over the years, and actually I do enjoy some of it.  But to me, there is nothing like the Olympics.



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  1. i don’t watch the summer olympics but i do watch the winter ones. love the ice skating and toganning

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