Caregivers, and family….

Sometimes Caregiver’s ARE family.  Sometimes, we know not what we are doing, and we try to go with the flow of this nastiness called Parkinson’s Disease.

Sometimes, our hearts are in our hands as we try  daily to overcome whatever Parkinson’s throws at us.  Some of us think we have whatever it is to try to take care of the one gripped with it.

Some days are good, some days are bad.  Sometimes, we cry, sometimes we pray.  Sometimes we just laugh, because that is a hell of a lot better than crying.   Believe me, we cry a lot.

There are a lot of us that do it.  There are some of us that question why we do it.  For Camsgranny, I do it, because……My Momma is like a ray of Sunshine.  She has brought so much to me, and given me a chance when I had none.  She married the Farmer when I was 19, and has been more of a Momma to me than any I have ever known.

I have so many memories of Momma, and folks, SHE is my Momma,  visiting me and my kids in early years, taking me in, after I had left the abusive one.  From riding in the car with her to get her driver’s license (I think the Farmer was scared…hehehe).  To just meeting me for lunch and having a good time.

I miss those times, believe me.  When Momma said to me today, “Jo, let’s do lunch at Red Lobster“, what am I supposed to say?  Uhm, Momma you are not allowed to eat real food anymore, you are on a liquid diet,  Red Lobster is kinda out of this picture?    How do you deal with that?

I’ll tell you, you smile, give her a kiss and say, Maybe tomorrow ok?  But ya know what?  tomorrow never comes.

I truly believe that God had plans for hooking me up with Momma.  Ya know why?  Because I have learned oh so much.    I am still learning, trust me when I say this.

Could I be a Caregiver to another person?  I really don’t think so, simply for the fact that I am very much vested in this.  It’s true I gravitate to older people, and have had older people who I’ve taken care of in my past, but this one is so much more rewarding , and has probably spoiled any other person (except for the Farmer) that I could take care of.  When the heart is involved, it’s not so clear-cut and dried.

I have some friends that I’ve leaned on lately, and to you (and you know who you are), Thank you.  Because you really don’t know me, but you have given me strength, and maybe not even realized it.  Sometimes, it just takes a person, who is your friend, but also someone who is going through the same thing you are, to give you that umph to make it over a hurdle.

While to some this post might not make any sense, to other’s it does.  Thanks Ladies, for helping me when I needed it.  AND I did need it.



4 responses

  1. You have the biggest heart!

  2. THANK YOU!! I needed it…:)\

  3. i sit here and bawl like a baby. i don’t know why, but i know that every word you ever put to paper touches my heart in so many ways. i am so darn thankful that God sent you my way. i will never be able to thank you enough. a dear, true, sincere friend is what i needed months ago,and then you walked in. love you dear Jo……………

  4. Love you 2 @ Terry, that’s what Cam-Man says to me….God has his reason’s believe me I am just finding that out…..

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