Stress, Overload and Boundaries….

This is a quick post, and short and to the point.  I am Stressed, on overload, and I’ve figured out some boundaries.

I am not stressed about Momma, simply for the fact, I have accepted it. Yes, folks it’s Wednesday and I spent the evening with her and her tortured mind, which only shows up when she has to deal  with ME getting her up AND putting her to bed.  I’m ok with this.

I’m on Overload, with tomorrows adventures, not for me but for the Electrician.    I’m sorry if I am being cryptic, but that’s the way it goes, I have been asked to “butt out” until it is all over, and I have.

I have boundaries, because the one who said I was dead to him, has suddenly found out he might just need his Momma, but, ya know what?   I CAN set some boundaries, simply for the fact of a saying I’ve learned….

“Shame me once, shame on you, shame me Twice and shame on me.”

Don’t get me wrong here folks, this kid has done his best to break me, and it’s not gonna happen.  This Momma has figured it out, and I will not be a part of your manipulative ways.

My question is this, the one’s that hurt you most, are the one’s that you love the most  Why?

Life with Momma, is just that, life with a Parkinson’s Momma is a little worse, especially when you’re at the Stage we are, the Farmer doesn’t see it, but I do.

When Momma was saying Good-bye to her other Caregiver tonite, Tracy, (whom I really do like and enjoy her company)  (she makes Momma giggle), Tracy told Momma “See you tomorrow” and Momma replied with “Yea, if I’m still here”.    Well, what are you supposed to feel or think?    Tracy, God Bless her, told Momma “I WILL see you tomorrow.”  then gave her a hug and off down the road she went.  Momma?  well she went right to sleep as I was giving her the 8 o’clock meds and slept until the Farmer got home.

The Electrician?  yea, he has missed me tonite, although to be truthful, he’s on the “pity train” and wasn’t happy that I was not here to pull him out of it, and I usually do.  But I am not allowed to talk about this until the whole “situation” is over.  But I do have high hopes that justice will prevail and not take ANY hostages in the mean time.

The one who claimed me “dead” to him, has been trying to “play me lately, But guess what, that “tough love” I talked about, WHAMMO and in your face buddy.  It is not a pleasing thing, but it is something I have to do.  I have had more “drama” in my life over the past 2 days than I ever have had in my whole 50 years of living.

So while it may seem harsh to some, believe me when I say this was a long time in coming, and it needs to be done, for crying out loud this is a 30-year-old man, who needs to WAKE UP and GROW UP!!

Whew…with all of that being said, I am going to go to bed, and do some praying before I go to sleep.


3 responses

  1. Hey, email or ring me any time – I hope you are okay – sounds like hell.

  2. I’m gonna be out for the arvo but home this evening.

  3. i hate days like what you are dealing with and i hate it when the trials i go through are with family. dealing with Al with Parkinson’s is a piece of cake compared to what family can do in damages. my heart is with you and my thoughts are also. get some well deserved sleep. things look better most of the time in the mornings, and if they do not, i am here………………….love ya!!!!

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