Conspiracy theory….

The past couple of days, I have spent  quite a bit of time at the Farmer’s house.  I’ve gone over in the morning, and did my regular stuff, gotten Momma up, and then left.  Then I came back in the late afternoon/early evening  and put Momma to bed.  The Farmer has had a few nights with the “guys”.  Hey, he needs a break too, and while sometimes I hate to be away from my home,  I understand he needs time too.

For those of you that follow my posts, forgive me because I may be repeating myself here for a few seconds.  I have 2 four-legged “sisters”.  I found them one night about 3-4 years ago, when I was leaving the Farmer’s.  Someone had abandoned, (actually probably tossed them out of the car) these 2 adorable kittens, that I found on the wheel well of the Electrician’s truck one cold winter evening when I was leaving.    I couldn’t take them home (Ms. Baby would have not liked that.), so I convinced the Farmer to let them live in the shed (for 2 years, as the house was ran by Mr. Toot’s, who was quite the character in his day).  Mr. Toot’s passed away at the ripe old age of I believe (scratching my head) 19-20 years old.  Since he was no longer the ruler of the house, these 2 ladies were invited to come live in a portion of the house.  The Farmer decided he needed some rules with these 2, and they are not allowed in his bedroom, nor are they allowed to sleep in his room with him.

They were given names, “Spice Girl” and “Goldie“.  Spice gravitated to the Farmer and Goldie to Momma.   It is obvious in the way that they act, Spice is the “Alpha” of us “sisters”. (or at least THINKS she is.)   I made friends with them eventually by feeding them TONS of bacon.

When Momma was gone for the time she was, and when we knew she was coming home, we did a lot of re-arranging of furniture.  The kitty litter box got moved to a different spot.  After making sure both of my “sisters” knew where it was, I figured it was all good.  Then the kitty’s decided that we didn’t change their box often enough.  (After one particular weekend when I returned on Monday to have the Farmer ask me to change the box, as Spice had gotten miffed, because the box was “dirty” and had proceeded to leave him a present in his chair in the living room.

Ok, now that I’ve explained the back story, let me proceed with the past couple of days.  I ALWAYS have to sweep the floor around the litter box, simply for the fact, these cats spread kitty litter EVERYWHERE, this is on a normal basis, (as in everyday).

Yesterday, I noticed that Goldie was giving me the evil eye, (and this is the cat that actually likes me.)  I didn’t know what was going on.  I have noticed that both cats have lately become VERY protective of Momma.

Yesterday, the Nursing Student came over and brought Cam-man with her, and she helped me getting Momma up, and helped me to wash Momma’s hair.  Both cat’s are used to Cam-man and didn’t pay him any attention, but every time the Nursing student went close to Momma, they hissed at her.  Spice actually cracked me up, although I understand she was trying to protect Momma,  every time the Nursing Student pointed to Spice, she hissed.  When we got everything done, and the nursing student and Cam-Man left, I finished up a couple of things, and then I left, to return later.

Both kitty’s were kinda rude to me last night, but I kinda ignored it.  After Tracy and I had gotten Momma into bed, and then Tracy left,  and after taking pictures outside, I came in a sat on the couch, and this is what I saw.






I would like to state for the record, these 2 sat there for about 2 1/2 hours staring at me.

This is where the conspiracy theory comes in.  Today, when I arrived, I have NEVER seen that much kitty litter spread ALL over.    One of my usual things on Friday’s is to mop all the floors and change the kitty litter.  After changing the kitty litter, and sweeping the floor (again for the second time).  I was in the kitchen when I noticed, both kitty’s circling the litter box and Goldie, going into the box, and DIGGING in the box, spraying ALL the friggin clean litter OUT OF THE BOX, only to be followed by Spice, who did the SAME friggin thing.  So, I swept it all up and threw it ALL back into the box, and did the dreaded thing of turning on the vacuum cleaner.  They ran for cover, and I left the vacuum running while I mopped the floors.  I turned the vacuum off, and here comes Spice to pad all over my freshly mopped floor.

I decided to end the war by offering them “treats”, and brushing Goldie.  I guess we are in truce mode now, because after that they were both fine.

I did have to explain everything to the Farmer who got back from the store, and he guffawed pretty loudly.  I’m glad he laughed, those 2 can be kind of intimidating…..



2 responses

  1. Oh that photo cracked me up – they look like sentries!!!

  2. you don’t have enough, that you have to deal with the cats dumping the cat litter box???? LOLOL

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