Happy Birthday to my youngest son!

29 years ago today, I found myself in the hospital ready to give birth to this wonderful little creature.  Back in those days we didn’t know what we were having until it arrived.  While my whole body screamed at me it was going to be a girl.  Yea, it was wrong.

I arrived at the Air Force Hospital ready to go, when my labor just stopped.    Well crap.  So my then husband and I left a little dejected, because I was sure it was going to happen today.   As we got into the car, I stated, I was starving.  So, we stopped at our local McDonald’s, where I proceeded to stuff a Big Mac and Large Fries and a chocolate shake down.  I had no sooner taken my last sip of chocolate shake when, it happened.

Back to the hospital we went, and after getting checked out by the Doctor, who stated, yep, you are now 9 cm and ready to pop.  Well duh, I knew this. They brought the incubator into the room I was in, and plugged it in and while the hubbs and nurse were scrubbing up, I heard an explosion and saw flames shooting from the incubator.  “Uh, somebody, you might want to get in here, I’m having a contraction and there is a FIRE in the friggin room”.

After the danger was eliminated, and A LOT of screaming, and maybe a few cuss words were spoken, my second son arrived into this world.

While through the years this kid has given me fits.

I am proud of the Man he has become.  (It just took a while to get there.)

Happy Birthday little one! (That’s an oxy-moron of a statement, this kid is 6’1″ and I am 4’11”)

2 responses

  1. this was so sweet to be able to go back in time with you. i can still remember each of my kids births as if it was yesterday……………..

  2. Happy birthday to him! Wow that fire sounds scary but the way you tell it is hilarious!

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