It appears I was nominated for another award.  Thanks to Terry1954.

While I have already received this one, I am thankful for receiving it again.

I would like to share with you the Electrician’s response when I told him I had been nominated for another award.  His response “You’ve been nominated for the Dork of the Year Award?”  (This is a private thing between the Electrician, while I am his dork, he is MY geek hehehe)

Uhm….no, but thanks for the nomination!.  Thank you Terry, you have no idea what you mean to me, and you are truly special.  I hope all of my readers, enjoy or at least stop and think about what I post.


2 responses

  1. if anyone appreciates the reading material you provide, it is me. You are a light in my clouds

  2. Me too (echoing what Terry said)

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