Fast paced Monday….

How come Mondays are usually so crazy?  Today,  was no exception.  I woke up when the Electrician left for work, yea, I looked at the alarm clock and rolled over.  I finally surfaced and looked at the clock, it was 6 am.  Time to get up and at it.  Before I had even got my first cup of coffee, I threw a load of clothes into the washer and got that started and ran upstairs and got that first cup.  Whew, sometimes, coffee is the nectar of the Gods.

To tell you how scatterbrained I’ve been lately (ok, you can stop laughing now).  I have a morning and afternoon checklist on the fridge door, to remind me of the things I need to do at home on a daily basis.  Sometimes, running 2 households, I forget what I’ve done in one and vice versa.   I also have a calendar on the side of the fridge to tell me where I’m supposed to be at what time.  (Uhm, yea, Momma is the one with Parkinson’s.)

I finished a project the Electrician had started yesterday.  (Bright idea….)  We have wooden stairs in our house that he had refurnished a few years ago, and what with mopping them and stuff, they have kinda become lack luster.  So, we tried using Old English wood oil  on one of them yesterday, and man, you can see your face in that step.  So, this morning, I did the bottom half of the stairs and then left. (Although I threw in a few other things too).

When I got to the Farmer’s this morning, it was kind of funny.  I had tried to call the house yesterday to see how things were going, and the phone just rang and rang and rang.  I really didn’t think that much about it, because you see, the Farmer is old school, and still has “dial-up” internet.  (Which is one reason, I rarely play on his computer).  If he’s on the internet, it ties up his phone line.   Well apparently that wonderful storm we had Saturday night, with all the lightning and glorious rain, knocked out the Farmer’s phone line.  He informed me of this when I arrived, and I asked him if he wanted me to call the phone company.  Well, apparently he had gone out to the truck, and used his phone in the truck to call the phone company and they were supposed to have it fixed today.

He caught me up on all the weekend events.  As usual Saturday was not a good day.  I find this usually happens on a Saturday, I think, although I am not an expert, but with everything I have learned, Momma’s routine is changed significantly on Saturdays and she does not go with the flow that well.  Sunday was a good day apparently, and she rallied well.

Today, I went in to give her some meds, and she opened her eyes, saw me and gave me that wonderful Momma smile.   I told her, I would let her sleep in a bit more, and be the “lady of leisure” today.  She went with this plan, and promptly fell asleep while I was giving her the meds.

I got busy with my usual Monday “chores” and time flew by.  I finally got Momma up, and she was in very good spirits.  She practically “ran” into the front room, and then watched the Olympics with me.  She was especially happy, as it was the Equestrian event, and Great Britain won the Gold.  She cheered and waved her hankie in the air.

I finally went on down the road, back to my house, and finished up my “checklist” of stuff to do.  We were having a treat this evening as the Nursing Student and Cam-Man were coming by, because as the Nursing Student put it ‘Cam-Man misses PawPaw.

They arrived at the house, but instead of coming inside like normal, Cam-man stood on the front step of my front door, and screamed at the top of his little lungs “PAWPAW”.  unfortunately, Pawpaw was in the shower, so I opened up the door for him, and while he was a little disappointed, he made a quick recovery and jumped into my arms.    I took him upstairs to the bathroom, and he crept in to surprise his Pawpaw.  There was a loving reunion, complete with water and all.

They hung out for a bit, and we finalized the hotel reservations for the wedding.  The Nursing student had just returned after spending the weekend with her brother and his fiance.  The pictures are so cool, that I wished we could have gone.   I swiped this one from her, just because…

After the Nursing student and Cam-Man hit the road, we finished our dinner.

Then we received phone calls from the “One to be married” (oldest son), and then one from the College student.      Now?  we are both in our p.j’s, relaxing and getting for another round tomorrow.  Although, my brain won’t stop and I’ve got a list a mile long for things to do tomorrow.  But first, I’d better get some sleep.  Night y’all…




2 responses

  1. what a life u lead,,,,,,,,,,hotel reservations confirmed, yep, u r coming this way…………

    1. I sent you an e-mail…:)

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