Reflection….And thoughtful…

While the Electrician might say I have been sitting here feeling sorry for myself, I haven’t really.   What I have been doing is sitting here remembering.

When I first started my blog, I was scared, nervous and I don’t know.  But when I reflect, I am oh so thankful I did.

I have just re-lived my memories, that I had put down in words.  Somethings I remember, somethings, I don’t.  But I now have a place to go, when I want to be cheered up, especially as the progression of things have happened.

Sometimes, as we get older, we remember certain aspects of our lives.  Sometimes, the memory does not fit with what we remember.   While I really wished I would have started this  kind of “transcript” earlier, I am glad that I did it period.

While I am appreciative, of all of you  that read what I lay down, and I have made some truly treasured friends through this blog.   I see now, clearly, how this has progressed.

I will never sit back and ask for pity, because there is none to be given.  I choose the road I’m on, I appreciate all the encouragement along the way.  I’m sad that it has gone this far.  And I know there is still a lot of road left to travel.

While the choices that the Farmer and I make, may not be the choices that other people make, it’s ok.  Simply for the fact, we are all different people, and sometimes, we ALL have different paths to travel.

Somebody quoted something, somewhere, that I read, and it basically said that our lives have been pre-destined.  I am at the place where I am supposed to be, I believe that.  Why?

Because there are great things for me, in store.  If it is the knowledge that I have in Parkinson’s then so be it, if I am a voice that can at least bring someone else to the table and listen.  Ok.  If I am learning a lesson in patience, love and understanding, okie dokie.   But I still believe, that God will never give me more than I can handle.

There is a lesson in everything, it’s my job to find it.

Does that mean I am happy in all of the things being thrown at me?  Heck NO, but will I deal with them, and try my hardest, HECK yes, I will.

The Farmer raised a fighter in me, and I will not go down, without a fight.


4 responses

  1. so do u think i should try harder…………… at home?

    1. I sent you an e-mail…:)

  2. I have kept a journal on and off over my life and once in a while, I go back and read them. Like you, some things I remember, some things I don’t. But there’s value in seeing the road you’ve been on even when you can’t see what’s just around the bend. You and I , and others whose lives have been touched by PD, seemed destined to walk down the same road but with different baggage and different destinations. I hope you’ll feel support here from us and I’ll certainly keep all of you in my prayers as we “ease on down the road”. ((Hugs))

  3. No wonder we love you!

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