Playing Hooky is over….

I have spent the past couple of days “playing hooky” so to speak.  I have spent time at my house, and while Momma and the Farmer are never far from my mind, I’ve concentrated on Me, and the Electrician.

Yesterday, I caught up on all of those domestic diva activities I have neglected lately.  I also did the Grocery shopping thingy, and do have to say, I came in UNDER BUDGET.  WOOHOO for Camsgranny.  I am learning I CAN go into a grocery store and not buy EVERYTHING.  However, with that being said, that does not mean that, I still don’t look at everything.

The Electrician had a very long day yesterday, so I found myself at a loose end.  So, I took a nap, and then played on the computer for a while.  When he finally called to tell me he was on the way home, I got supper ready and everything in place for him.  Hey, if it was me working 12 hours in one day, I would appreciate having my clothes set out to change into, and dinner on the table, and a few other comforts as well.

We spent a relaxing evening together, although we stayed up way to late.  Which is why we probably overslept this morning.  Ms. Baby tried to wake us up, and I cuddled her, and she went back to sleep with her head on my pillow, and on her back all fours up in the air, cuddled next to me. Although, the Electrician stated later, that her and I “hogged” the bed.

We all finally roused this morning, uhm, it was kinda later than we normally sleep. But I honestly think, we all needed it.  The Electrician mowed our weeds, that have popped up in the small amount of rain we’ve had.  Me?  I played Betty Crocker in the kitchen most of the day.

The Electrician takes his own lunch that I make for him everyday.  Today, I had to replenish the supply of things I send in his lunch.  I guess, I am old school.  I refuse to buy store-bought cookies, because I feel homemade cookies are so much better.   To back this one up, when the Electrician used to work away from home I would send him back to work every Monday morning with a double batch of cookies, he would share with his co-workers.   I was known as the Electrician’s cookie lady.

I also made a batch of brownies (HEY FARMER, yours are in a special bag, that I will bring tomorrow).  Then, I made his lunch for tomorrow, and I have kind of gotten into the hang of making wraps.  They are so easy and healthy and just fun to make.

I also made dinner, and I might of goofed up here and learned a lesson.  I really need to label what I have in the freezer.  I was making green beans with new potatoes and I thought I had grabbed one of the ham bones in my freezer, uhm, nope not so much apparently it was left over pork roast.  Oops.  The beans came out good never the less.  Then I made a Salmon fillet with herbed butter and lemon sauce, and some muscles in lemon sauce to go with it.

Then I got the phone call, I always get worried when the Farmer calls me, I don’t know why, I just do.  Apparently, good help is hard to find.  The Caregiver that was supposed to be there last night got fired, and Tracy stepped up and came and put Momma to bed.  Tracy came this morning and came and got Momma up, and there was supposed to be someone new this evening, and the Farmer called and asked if I would come over, and help.

Well, yes, I said I would, only to receive another phone call, telling me that the new person was having car trouble and Tracy was coming back to put Momma to bed.    I believe I have already told y’all how much I like Tracy.  She truly cares for Momma and does not see her as a “job”.  The reason I say this is because, Tracy knows how Momma feels sometimes, and brought Momma a stuffed Unicorn.  Between Mr. Bear and the Unicorn, they are both loved.  The reason I say this, is the other day, Momma had the Unicorn over her shoulder like a baby and was burping it.

The Farmer did ask me about bed sheets though, and I would just like to put in an “attaboy” to the Farmer.    It’s a personal thing, and I won’t bust him out, but I’m proud of you Dad.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the normal, and my “hooky” weekend is over, and I thank the Good Lord for letting me have it, because I truly needed it.  I am relaxed, refreshed and renewed, and ready for just about anything.

5 responses

  1. A well-deserved rest and, wow, did you make me hungry. I didn’t know you were such a serious cook.

    1. I love to cook, one of my other hobbies, my kids have said I was I junior Rachael Ray..:0)

  2. i am so happy that you had these two days to just enjoy and be lazy. lazy in the meaning of allowing yourself time to smell the roses lazy, not physically lazy, geesh, don’t want u coming here and beating me up for calling you LAZY!!!!!!!

  3. So glad you had a break – now, what is your secret to making wraps? Mine always fall apart!

  4. I need to rest just reading all you do! Sweet energy!

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