A Rainy Day, and chili…


For many people, they would be upset at the soft, steady rain we have had all last night and most of today.  Me?  I am ecstatic.  I am living in an area that has been in extreme drought conditions.

We actually have a no burn order, and if caught burning, its $1000.00 fine.  So, do y’all remember those boxes I brought home from the Farmer’s because his burn pit was too small.  Yea, they are still in my burn pit, and are now extremely soggy.

Today, was almost like a fall day.  Because the Electrician works outside, and it’s been raining,I figured I would surprise him with dinner.

When I left my house this morning, I had taken out ribs for dinner.  After I had gotten the Farmer’s house back into shape, and taken care of Momma, I came on home.  The ribs were still frozen, so, I slapped them back into the freezer.

While the Electrician loves my cooking, ok, most of my cooking.  There are a few things that I make, that he loves.  Chili is one of them.  I really didn’t know  how to make chili, because there are so many variations.

Until I had met the Electrician, chili to me was made with New Mexico Hatch Green Chili.  I use it for stews, (Green chili stew, green chili chicken enchilada’s, tamales, most things in Mexican cooking).

When I moved to Illinois, I got introduced to a “different” sort of chili.  Made with hamburger, kidney beans, diced tomatoes and spices.    The Farmer helped me out with his “base” chili recipe, and I invented one on my own.

Now, while I must admit, some of my creations from base recipes, might not always turn out so well.  I’ve hit a home run with this one.   I still use hamburger, although I’ve been known to sneak in some chorizo sausage, I use chili beans instead of kidney beans, and I also use Black beans.  I use Rotel tomatoes (diced tomatoes with green chili)  (I had to find a way to get some green chili in it).  I use garlic, & onion powder also fresh garlic.  Then, cumin, Hungarian HOT paprika, chili powder and some cayenne pepper.  I’ve also been known to throw in mushrooms, and some chipotle peppers in adobe sauce.  Then just for good measure, I throw in one small can of tomatoe sauce.

Tonight, is the first time I’ve made it since last winter, and I do have to say, it came out fantastic.  You know how I know that?  Because the Electrician went back for more.

This post is actually leading up to a post that will have pictures, because folks, it’s harvesting time in New Mexico, and I’ve got FRESH, just picked New Mexico Hatch green chili heading my way.  My plans for this weekend?  I will fire up the grill and roast all 25 pounds of the Sandia (HOT) New Mexico Hatch green chili.  Can you tell I’m excited about this?  I just got an e-mail telling me that my shipment just went out today.

Yes, I am excited.  I plan to do a few  “cooking” posts.  I hope y’all will stay tuned.



4 responses

  1. i use tomato juice, black beans, kidney beans, tomato sauce, chili powder, garlic powder, greek seasonings and diced dill pickles, and sometimes i add macaroni, and a mixture of hamburger and sausage, no hot spices here because of Al’s stomach. I have never heard of your chili pepper. your weather is exactly as mine today, drizzle which i love, not bad temps, plenty of gray skies, my kind of day and this is why we had home made potato soup for supper with dinner rolls

    1. That’s what I fed the Farmer for lunch, potato, bacon soup!…Great minds think alike. The New Mexico chili comes in mild, medium and hot, you would probably like the mild, you can get it canned, watch for future posts, and if you like mexican food, I hope you will like it.

      1. i will keep my eyes, PEELED, on you!!!!!watching for recipes and of course any blogs you throw my way

  2. I am looking forward to your cooking posts!

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