Terrifying Tuesday…

Today dawned normal.  I did some stuff here at home, and then trucked on down the road to the Farmers.  We chatted for a bit, and then the Farmer headed down the road to run some errands.

I was in the other room, but I heard Momma coughing.  I went in and checked on her,  and started to get alarmed, because she was choking.  I snatched her up into a sitting position, and then started smacking her on the back, but then she started gasping, for air, and then she didn’t.  I did CPR, and got her breathing again, and her color started to come back. She then told me she was surrounded by spirits, when I told her they couldn’t have her yet.

I got on the phone to the Nursing Student who zoomed over and walked in and took Momma’s vitals.  I then called the Doctor, who told us to call 911.

Here comes the firetrucks, and ambulance, and once again, I did feel kinda silly, when the ambulance dude was asking some questions, and I, for the life of me couldn’t find an answer, and the Nursing Student pipped in.  But, looking back now, it was kinda funny when they asked me the when the last time Momma ate was, and I replied December.   ( Looking back, the look on the dude’s face was priceless)The Nursing Student once more intervened and explained Momma was NPO, and had a g-tube and then looked at me, when I responded with she ate at 8am.

Momma was whisked to the E.R.   The Nursing Student rode in the ambulance with Momma, and I followed in the car.  It was different this time, I was right behind the ambulance and followed at the same speed. I had called the Electrician and told him the following “Momma stopped breathing, I gave her CPR, Claire is in the ambulance with her I gotta go”.  I’ll come back to this later.

I parked the car and was let right into the E.R. room Momma was in, she looked very scared.  Once some tests were run, and Momma settled down, she looked at both the Nursing Student and I and told both of us she loved us to pieces.

Meanwhile, while we were at the E.R. the Farmer had no knowledge of anything going on until he got home and saw my note.  I had left a note that said, we had to take Momma to the hospital, call my cellphone.

Meanwhile, we are still sitting in the E.R. getting a chest x-ray, ekg, and blood tests, and waiting. You are only allowed to have 2 people with you in the E.R., so when a transporter came back and said there was someone there to see Momma, we figured it was the Farmer.  So, the Nursing Student left, and a few minutes, the Fisher-dude showed up with Cam-Man, who promptly gave me a hug, and waved at his Grandma.  The Doctor happened to be in checking on Momma, and was impressed, that she knew who Cam was, and she talked to Cam.  Cam, was the life of the party and told his Grandma, he loved her, and told everyone else in the room bye.  After giving me a kiss, the Fisher dude and Cam-Man and the Nursing Student went down to the cafeteria for something to eat.  They wanted me to go and my stomach rumbled, but I stayed with Momma.

The transporter came back a few minutes later to say another gentleman was outside, so I went out and there sat the Farmer.  After explaining everything to him, I took him back to see Momma.

It was decided by the Doctor’s to keep Momma over night, and keep an eye on her, simply because her monitor readings were all over the map.

Once this was decided, I went back to the house, to clean up the carnage we had left it in.  I grabbed Mr. Bear, and went back to the hospital.

They brought Momma up and she was scared and had gone all PD.  The Farmer had left to go home, to get Momma’s list of med’s, that I had already grabbed.  He called me, and I told him I would take care of all the questions for admin, I had the list of meds and other stuff, and for him to take an aspirin (he had a headache) (me too for that matter), and to grab a bite to eat.  I had this covered.

With all of the questions answered, and Momma about to get some meds, I left to come home.  I had called the Nursing Student and she was on her way up there.

Then my phone rang within 10 minutes, The Nursing Student called to tell me she had run into the Farmer on her way up, and Momma was FINALLY sleeping peacefully, so they both left her to it.

The Farmer then called me when he got home, and said he was going to bed, and how was I doing.  I told him I finally ate something, taken a shower was in my p.j.’s and I won’t have any trouble sleeping tonite.  We arranged to meet tomorrow and go up to the hospital.

Back to the Electrician, who has been in the dark most of the day.  But once we finally did get to speak (I called him after the Farmer arrived at the hospital and explained some).  When I got home, the Electrician had dinner ready, had vacuumed my upstairs and downstairs, and made his lunch.  I got a lecture that the next time something like this happens, I am at least supposed to tell him where the ambulance was going, if Momma was alive or dead, or whatever else I had forgotten to tell him.  He had an emotional day too.

It’s been a roller coaster here today, but I have to say Thank You to the Nursing Student for taking care of me and Momma.  Thank you to the Farmer for not totally freaking out on me.  Thank you to the Electrician for being my security blanket and picking me up when I got home. (I kept it together until then).  Basically, Thank you to everyone for today, with the Love, support, and just everything.


6 responses

  1. oh Jo, I am so sorry this had to happen today or any day. I surely hope she is doing alright tonight. my heart goes out to you and the farmer, electrician and the student nurse. thank goodness Cam brought some smiles among the fears. keep me posted please………………love and hugs coming your way

    1. It was rough, and I was scared. I know through my research this is common, but seriously, I was not ready for it. We did get a lot of the peeps at the hospital that were shocked, at how good of care Momma is receiving, but there is probably still more to come….I hate to say that, but I’m ready, I learned so much today.

      1. i am sorry Jo, I really am. my prayers and heart are here for you

  2. OMG – just saw this Jo – I hope you can sense my prayers.

    1. I know Jules, I warned y’all it was going to get ruff….just did’nt know how ruff it would be…and how fast it would happen….Today, we are all okay though…Thanks be to God, however, I’m not sure how much more I can handle….just sayin….

      1. So Momma is still in hospital, right? Oh Jo, please don’t bring her home again – isn’t it too much for you?

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