Momma update….

Today sparked, and I was up to it.  I got up early, after a late night, and a surprise.    I could not sleep last night, but hearing a voice, with a welcome accent helped me to sleep that much better.  Thank you!

I met the Farmer at the Toyota dealership, and we went and had breakfast at the Restaurant across the street.    We chatted, and ate, and well…we were both scared.    We finished up and went back and got his car.

We both went straight to the hospital after that, although to be honest, I had a raging headache that I’ve had for 2 days, so, I stopped at the gas station and bought some Tylenol and a bottle of water.

When I got up to see Momma, I was shocked.  Not a bad shock mind you, but a really good shock.  She was awake and ‘cheeky”.  The Farmer had beat me up there, and he was sitting in the chair, because Momma was getting a “bath”.  We were both “outside of the curtain” but I kept pulling the curtain back and making a comment, to which she replied and kept up with me.

The best one though and it will be forever burned in my mind, was when I pulled the curtain aside, and stuck my tongue out at her, and I think the Farmer did too. She looked at both of us and rolled her eyes, and then stuck her tongue out at us.   She told the Nurse who was giving her the bath “See, THIS is what I deal with”.

Folks, Momma is back.  Her color was good and her “cheekiness” is BACK in full force.   The Farmer was tired so, he left and went home, and I stuck around.  The Nursing Student showed up with Cam-Man and it was a welcome break.  I hijacked Cam-Man and we did an exploration of the hospital, while the Nursing Student stayed with Momma.

Me and Cam, rode the elevator about 15 times, going up and down, then we went to the floor where the babies were at, and looked through the glass at the babies, it was so cool for him to touch my cheek and point and hear him say “look, Memaw, baby”.  Then we went outside and played in the grass area, and he picked a couple of flowers for his Momma.  Somehow though on the ride up and down the elevator they may have gotten squished.

Then Cam and his Momma left, and I stayed.  I had gone out into the hall to make a phone call, and was a little surprised, because my former employer’s wife was there.  Her and I chatted for a bit.  She asked me if it was Momma who I was there for, and I replied yes.  You see, I left my last job to take care of Momma, and at the time, there were a little hard feelings.   They had called me up and asked me to come back and I told them, No.    It was my former bosses Momma who was in the Hospital, after a lengthy chat, with some words of wisdom that I have learned about the “system”, we said bye.

I will admit, I was  exhausted, and fell asleep in the chair at the hospital, when I woke up, I left for a bit.  I came home and did some stuff, and then went back to the hospital.

On my way back, I got a call from the Farmer who told me the Hospital had called him, but he couldn’t reach them  and where was I.  I told him I was on my way there, and I would call him.

Momma got discharged, but, the Insurance had approved the Medic dudes to bring her home.  WOOHOO.  While this may not mean anything to anyone, it meant a lot to us.  When I arrived the nurse Ashley had me sign paperwork to release Momma from the hospital, and the Medic dudes, were going to transport Momma home.

WHEW, I am here to tell you, loading Momma into a car and then getting her out of the car is a feat that cannot be described.

After signing Momma out of the Hospital, and finding out when the Medic dudes were going to transport Momma home, I called the Farmer, and it was ALL GOOD IN MY HOOD.

When I called  the Farmer’s house tonite,(sorry, I was late in calling, uhm, time slipped away from me)   after I had left, they were both watching the movie   “A fish called Wanda” together.  Momma was so happy to be home.

While I understand this next “phase” we have entered and I know the Farmer is scared, as am I.  It’s ok.  To the Farmer, we will do whatever we can.  I love you and Momma.

While sometimes we wish for the past, and the way they were, sometimes, we have to accept today, and the way it is.    Momma could pass on anytime now, I think  we both realize that.  But for me? It’s ok, and I hope the Farmer is too, simply for the reason, We have had oh so many good times, and when it’s time to go, well, even I am not strong enough to fight God.


2 responses

  1. a wonderful story about mama and her loving family. so glad u shared this with us!!!!! get some rest tonight!

  2. You are a wonderwoman!

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