Playing with Green chili today

Remember this?

Well, today was the day, my wonderful husband, The Electrician, and I were going to roast all 25 pounds, and then bag it up.

Here the Electrician is playing with the fire.  (Actually, he likes to fire up the grill.)  It is actually about 9 am this morning.

We had everything lined up, the box of chili, and then a trash can with a garbage bag in it.  Now that the fire was ready, let the roasting begin…

I started throwing the chili on the grill, and the object of roasting is to get the chili charred, and limp.  Now, I will let you know, sometimes, the chili will pop and split, and you can get hit by some seeds. Yes, this happened.

The Electrician and I took turns turning the chili’s, and then when they were ready, tossing them into the plastic bag.

This is how it looked, about 40 different times, by the way….25 pounds is a LOT of chili.

It seemed like I would never get to the bottom of the box.  I really don’t know how many times, I filled up the grill, took them off the grill, filled up , well, I think you get the picture.

It was  a family affair, with Ms. Baby sitting outside and supervising.  Although at one point, I asked the Electrician where the cat was, and apparently since both of us were distracted, she thought she would go exploring.    She got sent inside.

When the last chili came off the grill, we closed all the vents, and put the lid on the grill, and tried to save some of our charcoal for dinner.  We wrapped up the bag, and then set the garbage can in the garage, to let it steam for about 5 hours.

Meanwhile, I’ve whipped up a batch of chocolate chip/butterscotch cookies, and also made our Sunday Supper.

Usually on Sunday’s we eat at about 2 pm, and today, we had a salad, with mushrooms on the grill, Brussel sprouts, on the grill, grilled potato’s and the main star, smoked pork chops on the grill.  I figured since we had already fired up the grill once today, we might as well  keep it going.  Dinner was fantastic (burp)  (uhm, excuse me).

Now it was time to bag up the chili.  Now, I will warn you, like we found out the other night, folk’s this chili is hot.  I’m not a weenie, but it was in my best interest to wear a glove while I was bagging up the chili.  Since it has steamed for about 6 hours,  it renders a juice, which can be harmful, with repeated contact.  I have enough experience with it to know.  In the past, I’ve had my hands tingle for hours, and for goodness sake DO NOT RUB your eyes.

So, the Electrician found me some gloves, and I got to bagging.

I bagged the chili, and the Electrician was in charge of sealing the bags.

Last one whew!  We ended up with 30 quarts of fresh roasted New Mexico Hatch, Hot (Sandia) chili.

Yummo…..the things I am going to make with this stuff. On the top  shelf of the freezer, is all the corn-on-the-cob, I put up.  The second shelf would be the green chili, the third shelf is a mixture of seafood, the Electrician and I brought back from Biloxi, MS.  The fourth shelf is my made ahead dinners.  The bottom shelf, which you really cannot see, is chicken stock, I’ve made and saved.  Oh yea, I do have 2 other freezers, full of this summer’s bounty too.

Plus, the aroma from the roasted chili has filled up my house and my freezer.  Now mind you, this will last me all year, until next August, when I will probably order another 25 pounds.  I am one happy girl right now.

As a side note, I do need to mention that I got this chili from “The Hatch Chili Farm” which is actually Berridge Farms.  Here is a link to them in case you are interested….  They have kept me informed with e-mails, and the like, and I would highly recommend them to anyone!  And the chili is FANTASTIC!!!


3 responses

  1. I really want one of those bags of chili!!!!!

  2. i am so happy that you and your hubby could make this a day that together you shared laughter, love and hot! work with the chilis. great photos of you both and look at that stock pile for winter. woowwwo!!!!

  3. I love the scent of green chiles roasting.

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