WOW, I got offered a job….

I realize that it is late for me (12:37am).  I have spent the evening at the Farmer’s tonite, taking care of Momma.  The Electrician came home to an empty house, that I had smothered with little notes everywhere.

The Farmer had a “night out” with some of his buddies, and I think he had a good time.

Part of my evening was training yet ANOTHER person to come in and take care of Momma in the evenings.    We use a Home Health Care Agency, and it appears, that our’s is the only account she has problems with.  The owner of the company is a very nice lady, and I do like her.  She brought the new girl over tonite, so I could meet her and “train” her.

The problem with “our account” is the fact that the Farmer and I do almost EVERYTHING for Momma.  It appears that in this day and age, that is unheard of.  The fact that they are amazed at how well Momma is taken care of was remarked to me several times this evening.

The Farmer and I are not asking for much.  All’s we ask is that someone come in 2 hours an evening and put her to bed, and chat with her a bit,and then on the weekends, come in for 2 hours in the morning, to give her a bath and get her up and two hours in the evening, to put her to bed.   Is that seriously asking too much?

It was mentioned to me this evening, (ok, I may be a little snarky in the telling), that maybe some of her employee’s would be happier if they could spend 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening, and maybe I should not do so much, so the other girls would have more to do.

UHM,  EXCUSE ME,  I’m not quite sure what set me off, other than the fact, I am very “territorial” over MY parents, and I do, and am willing to do, whatever they need.    While I understand that these girl’s need to make a living to, it would seem to me, that what we are asking would be “gravy or easy money”.

I was starting to lose my patience (Thanks Momma for teaching it to me), I held onto it.  But when the owner of the business that we employ, advised me that when Momma passed, she would be willing to hire me for her company as a Caregiver…..let’s just say, I have a hole in my tongue.

Maybe, I took the whole situation wrong, but I am a little flabbergasted by the whole experience.  First of all, this is my Momma, and you casually say to me, “When she dies, I will hire you, you have experience with a feeding tube and other stuff”.  Folks, I have a serious problem with this.

I believe I will be talking to the Farmer tomorrow, because this whole evening did not sit well with me.

Maybe, I am too sensitive when it comes to Momma.  Maybe some people are insensitive.  I don’t have an answer to that question, other than I am very proud of the fact, that I didn’t give into my first instinct.

The alligator mouth did NOT over-ride the rabbit ass, and I kept my mouth shut.  To the Farmer, THAT’s a first huh?


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  1. they see what a great job you do and a solid work performer, and they need those in their employment, but the tackiness of how they said it makes me want to vomit. i think you should have cocked off the comment….i will consider it when your mama passes away!!!!

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