A Conversation….

The Electrician and I have had a discussion this evening.  It brought a lot of different things to mind.

Our discussion was, what life would be like in Heaven.  Is it like we think?  We talked about the different people we would love to see that we have missed oh so much.

For me?  I miss my Grandma Ruth….She was such a BIG part of my life.  She helped to raise me with the Farmer.    She was the one I could always count on to give it to me straight.  Grandma Ruth was the one who always made me pick up my socks,  take a look at my surroundings, and make sure I knew what I was doing.    From spending Summer’s with her and attending the YWCA camp, and eating popcorn on Sunday nights, to watching Illini football, and just being in her little apartment with my own room.    I can’t even find the words to describe it.  Being held in her arms, when I was little is something I have never felt with any one else.

To our friend Rod, who died of Cancer a couple of years ago.  What a guy, I was the honory “little sister’  to him and the Electrician, and the fun we had all together.  “Let’s get it started” by the Black Eyed Pea’s was our theme song.  From driving down to Gulf Shores Alabama, and staying with him for 3 days…oh my gosh what memories we all have.

To My first “Step-Momma” Dorthie, I would love to just hug her once again.  The Farmer married her when I was 2, and she was my Momma until she died when I believe I was 11, I’m not sure, because in my mind that time was so muddled, it’s hard to remember.  It was very hard to me as a kid, to remember when all of this stuff happened, and I blocked a lot of it out of my mind, because seriously, it was to painful for me.

Believe it or not, I would like to just hug my ex-husband one more time.  While Marc & I were married for 13 years, and not all of it was good,  After we became divorced, we actually became friends.  I was so saddened the day he took his own life.

People come and people go in and out of your life, remember to learn the lesson’s they were there to teach you, and just be happy you had them.

Okay, it is raining cats n dogs outside, and I told the Electrician I was going outside and he looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Now that I have toweled off, and am somewhat dry.  It was very refreshing.   You see, I believe sometimes rain, is Heaven crying tears, because the people up there  miss us down here on earth.

I feel refreshed and renewed, although a bit soggy.  I believe they miss us as much as we miss them….

2 responses

  1. if i can see people who have passed on, i want to see my granddaddy, he was the best! also i would like to see my real mom’s mom. my dad always told me i would have liked her. she died three days before we were to meet. i am sure there are others if i sat and thought, but i know these two were on the list without thinking. being out in the rain, i don’t mind it but my allergies do. i am allergic to rain

  2. What an incredible post – and what a life you have had so complicated. You are wonderwoman!

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