Seven year Deja-Vu…..

For those of you that know me, the Electrician’s family all live on the Gulf Coast.  His parent’s in Biloxi, Ms. his sister in Gulfport, Ms, and his niece and nephew in New Orleans, La.

Seven years ago, this evening, we had our last contact with them, before Hurricane Katrina hit.  I will never forget that next morning, and the sick feeling in my stomach once the Newscasters advised, Biloxi was going to be a direct hit.    They were going to evacuate to our house, but they had waited to late.  It wasn’t really anyone’s fault.  The Niece and nephew were evacuating from New Orleans, and the roughly hour 1/2 drive, took them almost 7 hours, just to arrive in Biloxi.  They all decided at that point, to “ruff” it out, all together.

That was the start of almost 6 days of pure hell for the Electrician and I.  I left work as soon as I heard it was making a direct hit with Biloxi, and I stayed off work for the next 4 days.  The Electrician left work as well.

We both came home, and tried repeatedly to call, with no success.  We had 3 t.v.’s in my house, and we dragged them all downstairs, so we could switch from one channel to another, and watch all of them at the same time.

Some reports were everyone in Biloxi was dead.  Some reports were it was bad, but there were survivors.  The Internet and the t.v. became our best friends for the next few days, as we desperately tried to find out anything and everything we could.

We got a phone call at about day 5, from one of the Electrician’s parent’s neighbors, who had said they had tried to go back into the neighborhood, but were not allowed.  Our hearts truly sank at that news.  I did my best to keep the Electrician stable, and not totally loose it.  But at the same time, I was having a hard time keeping it together.

We were pretty much frantic during that time.  I cannot even begin to describe the emotions, he and I both felt.  The Electrician’s birthday is September 2nd.  We received a birthday card in the mail from his parents, that he refused to open, until we knew something.  You see,  on the Electrician’s 31st birthday, his beloved brother had passed away.  So, he wasn’t really excited for this birthday, because we did not know the fate of his family.

While we were suffering on our end, the Electrician’s family was suffering  as well, as we were later to find out.

On day 6, and I will never forget this as long as I live, the Electrician and I were once again on the computer, it was 9:45 pm, and we had AOL as our Internet provider, and it flashed across the computer screen we had a phone call from his parents.

There was a lot of crying on both ends, and I can say after talking to them for 45 minutes, I think we all slept better that night.

So here we are, a sense of Deju Vu.  While Hurricane Isaac is NOTHING like Katrina, we are still worried.  We’ve talked to the Electrician’s parents twice tonite, and I think we all feel better.    The problem of flooding and tornado’s are a worry.

But I truly believe that a Cat 1 Hurricane versus a Cat 4, hurricane, vary differently.  While I truly wished they had made the trek up here to see us, I understand why they did not.  Pfft, after a 4, a 1 is nothing right?

Hurricane’s are nasty elements of Mother Nature.  I’ve seen first-hand what damage it can do.  I’ve seen a whole town wiped clean from the face of the earth like it was never there.  I’ve seen the re-building that has gone on over the past 7 years.  I’ve been to the Memorial’s for Katrina.

The Electrician and I praying hard tonite, for all of our friend’s, family, and everyone in the path of Isaac.  May the Lord be with you y’all.  Take Care and God Speed.


3 responses

  1. I hope everyone stays safe! You all are in my prayers!

  2. my thoughts, prayers, and wishes are with you right now for your families………God is powerful, and able to do any miracle, and he will do what is right. keep that chin up and those hands clenched in prayer. love to all of you

  3. Beautiful post – so scary these natural disasters.

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