Birthday Bash at my house….

The Electrician‘s birthday is tomorrow, and his youngest daughters birthday is the 4th.  Because we are a large family, we celebrated this years birthday’s together.  The Electrician always seems to think that the Labor Day Weekend is because it’s his birthday and he gives the whole nation a day off.  (just kidding).  Uhm, he just proof read this for me and stated Not-kidding…

I have truly spent an amazing day with family.    From the giggles, to the just sitting around the table and talking, laughing, and pure fun.  From the picture-taking, and serious laughing.  I don’t know what to say.

The day started with me sleeping in, and yes, I slept until Ms. baby pushed her nose into mine with a very loud MEOW, to tell me “Mom it’s time to get your lazy butt out of bed”.  When I looked at the clock and saw it was 8:30, my feet hit the floor running.

I did a few things around the house, and the Electrician (who had been up since 7), just kinda looked at me like  REALLY?  oops.  I got dressed while he was vacuuming my house (apparently I am not as thorough as him) .  I flew down the road to do my usual Saturday Grocery shopping.

Ok, my bottom lip is stuck out, because for the life of me, I cannot help myself from going over budget.  Someone take the checkbook out of my hands, and I will stop.  Pfft…who am I kidding.  I seriously try NOT to over spend.  I think I need help.  Ok, I will stand up and state FOR THE RECORD, I am food hoarder. I don’t know why, but I am….

Anyway, I got home and the Electrician unloaded the Rav, and I put everything away.  My house sparkled  (Thanks Babe).  he seems to think my mind confuses what I do at the Farmer’s house versus what I do at my house, and he may be right, I’m not saying that though.

Today, was the day, most of the kids were coming over to celebrate the Electrician’s birthday and also the College student’s birthday.  (they are 2 days apart).

Ok, I do have to explain, the only candles I have in my house are left overs from the grandkids birthdays.  So, one got a 2 and the other got a 3.  The College student wanted a confetti cake with chocolate frosting, which her sister made for her, and Cam-Man decorated it.  The Electrician wanted a cherry cheesecake, which Cam Man and I made for him last night.

I do have to say, my family is a little crazy at times, this is one of them…

The girls were trying to get their Dad to do a crazy pic with them.  Well, apparently he didn’t get it.  But he did come up with this one, after he swore his oldest daughter snorted with laughter and snotted on him




I was to busy laughing over the whole thing to get a good picture…sorry…

This would be the “Fisher Dude”.  Now him and I have spent a lot of time together, because we worked together for about a year.  We spent a good amount of time talking about our spouses.  His being my daughter, mine, being his Father-in-law.   We came to the same conclusion.  His wife, is so very much like her Dad.  This one though, he cracks me up.  Simply for the fact, his wife and my husband like to have everything “just so”, in perfect order.  Unknown to the Electrician, and myself, this one went into our main bathroom, and changed EVERYTHING around.  Nothing was in its usual place, and it made the Electrician CRAZY.  I noticed that when I took my shower this evening (first), somethings were moved around, and I didn’t think twice about it.  The Electrician, who took his shower after me, came out hollering.  A phone call was made, and the Fisher Dude was told, “Dude, Security is going to follow you around when you come to MY house”.  Just part of our family giggles.

This would Cam-Man aka Chunky Monkey, climbing on his Auntie Boo’s leg in the kitchen.  I swear, this little dude just cracks me up.   But when I look at these two.

My heart literally fills up.  While we thought the older brother would teach the little brother, it’s kinda the opposite here.  The little brother, teaches the older brother.  Why?  Who knows.  But they are so good together, they were building a “fort” in the front room while the “Adults” were busy acting like kids and having a good time.

I cannot tell you how hard I have laughed today, what it meant to the Electrician and I today, how much we have cherished the memories we made.  To “Boo Bear” Happy Birthday Girl, and I will post about you….To the Nursing Student, I love you girl, your Dad does to, more than you know, To the Fisher Dude…uhm…your toast…..










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  1. so glad you had this day to lay back, laugh til u almost peed your pants, and just had an all around fun day!

  2. Love it love it love it!!!

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