A Day with Momma…

While everyone else went to Parades, or just enjoyed a day off, I went to help with Momma.

When I arrived at the Farmer’s this morning (a little later than usual), he smiled at me.  I told him, While most of the country is having a Holiday, it’s business as usual here.    I went and made us both a cup of coffee, and we proceeded to chat for a bit and catch up. Our “new” Caretaker lady Beth, it was her first weekend, and she did marvelous.  The Farmer was pleased, Momma liked her and things went smoothly.  Me?  I was impressed, simply for the fact, she had done a lot of different stuff, I had not asked her to do, and I did not have to spend my Monday putting everything back together the way it was originally.

Momma was happy to see me, this morning.  She smiled at me and giggled when I got her up.  I had her do some therapy first and she was all for it.  The Farmer even remarked when he came in to help me get her onto her porta potty, that she was all smiles.  After getting all of her business done, we proceeded to go into the front room.

We had already decided that we were going to wash Momma’s hair today in the sink, and not with one of those “capwashing” things.  While yes, they do wash hair, they leave oils and stuff, which makes her itch and scratch all the more.

After letting her sleep for about 1/2 an hour, we got her roused, and she was ready.  We put her into the wheelchair and got her into the kitchen, and she bounced out of that wheelchair and hung on to the counter with the Farmer spotting her, and me giving her that much-needed (and much enjoyed) head scrub.  I think at one point she drifted off to sleep.  When it was over, she sat back down into her wheelchair, and the Farmer wheeled her into the other room, and I blow dried her hair.I asked her if she wanted to get back into her chair, and she said “yes”.

I guess in hindsight I should have realized how much she had done prior to this, and maybe she was a little low on energy.   We had a few problems getting her back into her chair.  While the Farmer held onto her arms, I grabbed her from behind, and we would not let her go down.   Momma learned to trust us today.   When she was finally in her chair, she grabbed both of our hands and let us know, by squeezing, and telling us how much she loved us.

I let Momma sleep for about another hour, and then mean old me, made her get up again to sit on her porta potty.  She handled it this time, so much better. I guess, sometimes, I forget, that she can’t just get up and walk like the rest of us.  First of all it takes 2 of us to get her to stand up.  Once she takes that first step though, she does good.  Unless, her limbs are not co-operating with her, and that happens.  You can always tell though, because she starts breathing funny, and her legs start shaking and the top half of her body just seems to shrivel up and topple over.    The Farmer and I have a system though.  To get her to stand is always on a 3 count, with both of us on each side of her holding her underneath her arms, backwards, she is facing forward.  When she stands and makes the first step, the Farmer grabs the back of her pants, and I grab her hands and walk backwards directing  her 4 wheeled walker.

I am so happy that the Caregiver’s that we have helping us, have learned this “system” and have adapted.  Every person is different, and every person that has Parkinson’s is different.  This is the system that works best for us.

It’s always hard for me, after not seeing Momma for a couple of days.  Simply for the fact, that while the Farmer is there everyday no matter what, I see progression.   He does not always see it, simply for the fact he deals with it everyday.  Sometimes it scares me.  Momma has a bunch of good days.  But I have  seen a progression with her.  She now sleeps quite a bit.  When she is awake, she is usually happy.  I watched her sleeping today, and the expressions on her face, made me smile.  She looked like she was having a conversation with someone in her sleep.  Maybe she was, how do I know?


3 responses

  1. what a nice day you had. i am glad for you

  2. You always make the most difficult things into delightful – I admire you so much!

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