What a Wednesday…..


Well, it’s finally here.  The last Wednesday night, where Momma and I have “double days”.  You see usually about May, the Farmer gets together with his “group” and they do the Wednesday night thing, that usually lasts until the end of August.  But, they went one week into September this year.  It was with regret, the Farmer told me “Well, no more Wednesday nights until next year”.

While I am sorry for him, and I did tell him if he wanted to go have dinner with his buds, I would still be available.  The Electrician is jumping up and high fiving everything in sight.  I guess, it comes down to the Electrician missing our evenings together.  But he still understands, and left me a note this morning that stated,  “I’ll miss you tonite, but I understand what you are doing”.

Sometimes, while in the grips of Parkinson’s and my thing of wanting to take care of Momma, and take care of the Farmer, sometimes, the Electrician suffers.  Why the heck he would miss my company is beyond me, but hey, he loves me and I’ll go with that.

Today, Momma had some problems.  They are Parkinson‘s problems, and they suck. Period, end of sentence.  It broke my heart, when she asked me “Why do I do this?”   I had to explain to her, that sometimes, Parkinson’s grips her and she has no control over what SHE wants to do versus what Parkinson’s wants her to.  Momma is having problems, backing up, or just walking.

She brought up today about the fact of her driving.  Uhm, HELLO, I’m sorry, but Momma you are not allowed to drive at this point.    While I understand that you were 52 when you finally got your Driver’s License (Man what a day that was, and I was there, when she proudly showed me her Driver’s license, I was the one who would “test” drive with her.)  Folk’s I’ve lived through 5 teenagers getting their license.  It was intense.

Parkinson’s has robbed Momma of so much, Independence being one of them.  She hates it, and so do I.    I could go on and on, but I think you grasp the picture.

Today was a semi good day in my “hood”.  I wish I could say more, but me? I’m tired and the  pillow is calling.    Peace out peeps….  Tomorrow is another day, and only God knows what it holds in store for me.




2 responses

  1. I am always thinking of you and your family – always!

  2. well one of these days, i m gonna visit the hood!!!! lol

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