A Ray of Sunshine….

Things around my house have been kind of gloomy lately.  I’ve posted stuff about Momma, and I’ve been feeling kind of down.  So, when today dawned “gloomy” with storms coming our way all day, I was thankful for a Blessing from yesterday.

Yesterday, I got a call from the Nursing student.  She asked if I would come and get Cam-man today.  DUH…. Her and the Fishing Dude wanted to have a “date” afternoon before he had to go to work.    I’ve been hesitant about calling and asking if I could kidnap him, simply because, I know they have a routine, and I might just muck it up, if I go scoop him up.

But, to be truthful with y’all, I miss that little face everyday.  I used to start my day out with scooping him up and then him and I, and the Farmer taking care of Momma.

Little Dude is getting big though.  He’s changed from the “baby” to actually being a little person, who walks, talks and runs EVERYWHERE.   I got Momma up this morning, and it was all good, she had smiles.  I left to go pick up Cam-man and then we went back to the Farmer’s.

Cam-Man stated “Were here” when we pulled into the driveway. It was raining, and had been thundering and lightening on the way over, and Cam-man kept asking me “what’s that?” every time it BOOMED.    We came inside, and I’m not sure what happened, but when the Farmer told Cam-Man “Hi”, he buried his face into my neck and had a “death grip” on me and would not let go.  Funny thing though, he went right up to Momma and touched her leg and said “Hi”.

After settling down and FINALLY giving the Farmer a hug, he got busy getting into everything, and having fun.  Cam-Man wanted a snack, and let me tell you HE knows where everything is.  He opened up the fridge and pointed to the fruit cups, and asked “have one pwease?”.  Settled down with a fruit cup, I got busy and finished up the stuff I had to do.

I went in and asked Momma if she wanted to sit on the potty before I left, and at first she said ok.  When I grabbed the porta potty, and brought it into the front room, Cam-Man went up to her and told her “You pee here ok?” pointing to the potty.    I think Momma might have gotten a little spooked, because she didn’t want to go anymore.  I’m not sure if the fact that Cam-Man had put on gloves to assist may have changed her mind or what.  But we put the porta potty back (Cam-man helped) and Momma was happy.

Cam-Man and I gave kisses all round, and then hit the road.  It was still storming, mind you, and he was in the back seat just looking everywhere.  We took the back roads home, and Cam-Man perked up when he saw the cows.  “COWS Memaw” he yelled at me.  I asked him what sound they made, and I totally lost it, when he tried ever so hard to MOO and it came out as MEEEEW.

We got home and the Electrician was already there (he had a rain day).  We pulled into the driveway and I honked twice, and Cam-Man was talking to me, when I told him, “Hey, who’s that coming out of the door?”.  A BIG grin hit his mouth and he stated at the top of his lungs “PAWPA”.

The love fest started.  The two came in and then “playtime” started.   By now, I was happy to relax and just take pictures, so here is part of my afternoon, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Cam-man and Pawpa, played hard, but somewhere along the line, Cam-man wanted his Memaw.  He started getting upset when his Pawpa told him not to throw his toys, and when he did, Pawpa took it away.  Cam-man just sat and cried, when I looked at him and him at me.  It was on.  He started to come to me but Pawpa grabbed him, and they talked for a minute, but Cam-man wanted me, at that point.

I scooped him up, and he clung to me, him and Pawpa, made friends, but he held onto me like there was no tomorrow.  We cuddled, and then I asked him if he need to change his pants, and he looked at me with tears on his face and said “ywup”.    Pawpa, did the duty, and Cam-Man and I made faces at each other, and he was giggling.

You see, I am willing to share Cam-man with his Pawpa, simply because I know Cam-man loves me.  He has FUN and loves his Pawpa, him and I have fun too. Watching them, makes my heart burst at times.  Cam-man loves his Pawpa, and I may have been replaced as Cam-man’s BFF, but that’s ok, you know why?  Because in a nutshell, Cam-man still needs  his Memaw too.    He still runs to me and needs  hugs, and giggles.

When I picked up Cam-man today, and I told him “tell your Momma and Daddy Bye” , he amazed all of us, because he looked at HIS Momma and said “I Love you too”.  full sentence and all, I promptly gave him a high-five, as did the Fisher dude, and his Momma.

I Love this kid, and I have missed him oh so much, but when you look at this face how could you not?

This is MY ray of Sunshine, through some of the darkness, I am going through….


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