Happy Birthday to my Baby….

8 years ago, I fell in love.  The Electrician and I had gone to a football game, and we actually had parked at a friend’s house, and walked over to the High School in town, and watched the game and then came back and hung out with some friend’s. They are Farmer’s (sort of), and had been harvesting a field, when they found in the middle of the corn rows, a family of kittens.  The Mother had been killed, and the 3 kittens just a few weeks old.

They were running all over the yard, and were chasing leaves and butterflies, and just being cute.  One of the kittens happened to come over to me, and I scooped her up, and we nuzzled noses.  It was love at first nuzzle.  I put her down and sighed.  The Electrician was NOT really an animal person, and if it was an animal, then it had to be something OTHER than a kitty.

Our friend’s mother looked at me and said, you want her huh?  “Yes”, but then I explained about the Electrician and animals.  She yelled out to the Electrician, that I had fallen in love with the kitten and they would deliver it to my house on Wednesday (this being a Saturday).

Wednesday rolled around, and I had already shopped for a litter box, and a couple of toys.  Sure enough, Ms. baby arrived.  Fur ball full of fleas and just asking to be loved.   Her and I bonded, like Mother and daughter.


I took her to the Vet, got her shots, and de-flea’d, and then set up the appointment to have her spayed.  Obviously some of “our” “attitude” rubbed off on her.  The reason I say this, after the discussion with the Electrician about having her de-clawed at the same time as being spayed, his answer was a definite YES.    I think she was happy to be with us, because her means of showing us affection, was to claw her way up our bodies to get to our faces so we could nuzzle noses.  One to many times for the Electrician’s benefit.

I took her to the vet for her appointment, and they were going to keep her overnight, and get her front claws de-clawed, and spay her, she kept her back claws in tack.

I received a phone call from the vet the next morning, I was supposed to pick her up at 2 pm, and the phone call arrived at 9am.    “Uhm, Hi!  Ms. Baby is fine and doing well since her surgery, can you come pick her up NOW?”    “Sure, I’ll be right there”.  I’m thinking there must be some kind of problem, that they want me to come get her.  Yea, the problem?  Ms. ATTITUDE, had woken up 2 hours after surgery had mouthed off, tried to climb out of her pen, and just been over all obnoxious to everyone, and they figured I would calm her down. The Vet even remarked to me when I got there and grabbed Ms. Baby, that she “obviously” thought I was her Mother, because she shut up as soon as I arrived, and was finally sleeping.  She is still welcome at the Vet’s office as long as I take her, and do not leave her there.


The funny thing is though, we had this cat for probably 2 years before ANYONE saw her.   She really is a scared cat, whenever anyone would come to our house, she would hide underneath the bed, and not come out until they were gone.  Heck, the kids didn’t believe we had a cat.

This cat is also kind of like a dog though.  She comes when you whistle, we let her outside, and she stays out for maybe 15 minutes at a time.  She will not go off the porch if you tell her to stay on the porch.  She likes to sit in the garden and anytime she goes where she is not supposed to, she gets grounded.  


She follows us around like a puppy, and sleeps in closets, under the bed, and hangs out on the stairs.    Her favorite place though is her ‘bed” we set up for her in the garage at the window.   She is not really a cuddle kitty, and only cuddles when she wants.  She does however, sleep at the foot of the bed, every night, and is better than any alarm clock.


Happy Birthday to Ms. Baby who is now 8 years old in kitty years, thank goodness her teenage years are over.



4 responses

  1. that is the sweetest love story…………………………….makes me want to tear up

  2. Great pics, great writing. I love your style!

  3. Aww, happy birthday Ms. Baby!

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