It was a cooking day…..

Today, was a cooking day.  I decided today, I was going to play in my kitchen for most of the day.  It really feels like fall is here.  The weather is cooler, and yes, I broke out the sweat pants this morning.

I started by making a million mini blueberry muffins for the Electrician, for his lunches during the week.

I have to digress here for a minute, so bear with me ok?  Yesterday, while I was at the Farmer’s I did a mini inventory of stuff he had in the freezer.  Along my journey, I found about a 8 lb pork tenderloin, not the skinny one’s but the big one’s you use to make center cut pork chops. (Sort of).  So, I wheeled and dealed with him.  With the deal signed, and hand shaked on, I grabbed it and left with it firmly tucked under my arms.  It’s been in my fridge since yesterday, thawing out.

The Farmer agreed I could take it and cut it in half, I could do whatever I wanted to with my half, but his half had to come back to his house on Monday.  On Monday, I am to butterfly his half of this tenderloin, fill it with stuffing, and wrap it in bacon, and roast it in the oven, with extra stuffing, roast potato‘s and some of the corn, that I so diligently froze this summer.

My half, I had some plans for.  Whenever we go out to eat, which is VERY rare,  we sometimes go the Mexican Restaurant in town.  I always order the same thing, it never fails.  I always order Carnitas.  While I am not saying the restaurant is bad, it’s just that I can usually cook anything like that at home and it comes out 10 times better.  (Ok, yes, I am a good cook)  In all of the years I have been cooking, Carnitas scared me to cook it.

For those of you who don’t know what Carnitas are, I looked it up and this is from Wikipedia

Carnitas, literally “little meats,” are a type of braised or roasted (often after first being fried) pork in Mexican cuisine.

The carnitas of SahuayoMichoacán, are internationally well-known; they are served accompanied with chopped coriander leaves (cilantro) and diced onion,salsaguacamoletortillasrefried beans (frijoles refritos), lime and radishes

I researched on the internet and finally found a recipe for them, that I thought I could do.  Most Mexican cooking is not really labor intensive, it is time-consuming.  

My first dilemma was I did not have any cheesecloth, nor butcher’s twine.  So, I used a coffee filter, and a bread tie.    I changed some of the ingredients, for what I had on hand, and what I liked.  If I would have had my thinking cap on I would have taken pictures and then posted the recipe.   But well, I was a little scared.

I prepped everything and then started cooking.  3 hours later, WOW.  Now, I did have another dilemma as in the Electrician does not usually like rice.    But I made a cheesy, green chili, tomato rice, that he loved.

Tonite’s dinner was a big SCORE!!!!  No more Mexican restaurants for me.  The Electrician loved it so much, he even posted on Facebook, he loved it.  This is what he said and I quote

” Had a Fantastic meal today by my lovely wife, thanks Hon! She made Carnitas and a taste explosion of flavor of lime and spice in my mouth! Really did enjoy this:)”

In fact, there are probably not enough left-overs for 2 people, so he will eat that on Tuesday night while I am sitting with Momma.

Now that I have conquered it, I promise to do a photo recipe of it in the near future.  Because now, that I know I can make it, it’s on.


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  1. good job lady!!!!! and to get a big compliment from the man department, well, this just says that meal was better than better…………!!!

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