One of those days…..



Some days are good, some days are bad, and then there is “just one of those days”. Nothing bad, nothing good, just so-so.

Momma was Momma today.  I let her sleep in and when it was time to wake her up, she told me she had been in the Australian desert, and to please scrub her good, because she was covered in dust.  Uhm, ok?  I did ask her then “Hey the next time you go somewhere, can I go?”  I got the “look” and was told that while she wanted me to go with her, these were trips she had to take alone.

The Farmer, played in the yard most of the day, and mowed all the grass that’s grown like crazy.  Yes, I did make his pork roast with stuffing wrapped in bacon, with roast potato‘s and green beans (simply because they were left over from the last big meal he had).

I came home and decided to busy myself in the kitchen.  Sometimes when something is bothering me or I just want to stay busy, I play in my kitchen.  I made a batch of cookies for the Electrician, and then decided that since we went to Mexico for dinner yesterday, tonite we would go to Italy.

I searched for a recipe for Zuppa Tuscany soup (like the kind they have at “The Olive Garden“).   I had all of the ingredients, so, I made it.  I even made garlic bread to go with it.  While tonite’s dinner wasn’t as big a hit as yesterday’s was, it was still good.

I’ve been a little distracted all day, so this post might be a little disjointed, for those of you that know me, it’s nothing to do with Momma or the Farmer.  It’s just been “one of those days”.




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  1. as long as all is ok, i will accept this

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