Happy Birthday Sissy!!

To My beautiful sister, I truly wish her a Happy Birthday today.  While it is not nice to give a ladies age away, Happy 49th Birthday!!!!  Hey, next year she will be 50, and WAIT for that one…Since I have already passed that golden age, and while I’m saying have enjoyed some benefits from “Denny’s“.  hehehehe….

The above picture is of us last February when the Electrician, and I, My outlaws and my “sissy in law” went on a cruise.    While we had an amazing time, I have to admit something.

Being an only child, I’ve never been “privy” to the “brother, sister” dynamic.   I guess I didn’t truly understand the love between a brother and a sister, nor any love between siblings.  I didn’t have any.

But I will tell you this.  This woman has been in my life for oh about 17 years, and she really did not like me, when we first met.  Her brother had been through 2 marriages, and she was a little hesitant to accept anyone else in his life.  She did not want him to be hurt again.    To be truthful, I was a little scared of her.

We had a rather knock-down drag out, and things were a little rough.  But something was learned through that experience.  She learned, I’m in her brother’s life until we die, and I love her.    She’s had her share of rough times, and lived a life I once lived.

To MY sissy,  Thank you for teaching me the “proper” way to eat crabs at the Crab festival.  





Thank you for being brave enough to go Ziplining in Jamaica with me, especially when the group told you and I “We were the life of the party”. Thank you for all those whispered secrets between the two of us.  Thank you for being the BEST  sister a girl could ever ask for.  Thank you for calling me when I need just to hear an encouraging word.  Thank you most of all for Loving your brother, and once you saw, I loved him to, to letting me into your circle.  Although, to be honest, your driving still scares me, but that’s another post.

I am so proud of you, for the things you have overcome, and the woman you are today.  I am so proud to call you MY sister.  Love ya!


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  1. that is beautiful……

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