Throwback Monday….


Today for me, has been kind of like old times.  For those of you that have followed me for a while, you know, I used to watch Cam-man, and Momma everyday, together.   But since that dark day in December, things have changed somewhat.  Momma was in the ICU and then in the Nursing Home for about 3 months, and then she came home.  Since then, the Nursing student had the Summer off from school, and then when school started back up, The Fisher dude worked second shift, and she went to school in the morning.

The only day I had Cam-Man was basically Fridays, from about noon until 4:00.  Well that all changed this past weekend, when the Fisher dude got called to work first  shift for a week.  Since the Nursing student still goes to school in the mornings, they were at a loss, so they called MEMAW!!!  I really didn’t think about it at all and just said YES, I’ll do it.

This morning, I popped out of bed at about 5:45, AM, and did some stuff around the house, and then the phone rang at 7:15am.  Apparently the Fisher dude had taken off to work with both car seats in his vehicle.  So, I left the house a little early, and went and retrieved a car seat.  I arrived at the Nursing student’s and Cam-Man was still sleeping.    She hit out the doorway for class, and I settled into the chair to watch a little t.v.

Probably about 30 minutes after she left, Cam-Man came stumbling out of the bedroom, with his blankey dragging on the floor.  When he saw me, he smiled and ran the rest of the way.  I scooped him up in my arms, and we cuddled for about 10 minutes.  We decided to get things together, so we made the bed, and he washed his face, and brushed his teeth, got dressed  and off we went.

Now, the Farmer did not know Cam-Man was going to be in attendance this week, and was a little surprised to see him strut into the house this morning.  Especially when Cam-Man was shouting “PA”.  But when the Farmer saw him and said Hi, Cam-man acted all shy and would not let go of me.

We quickly got settled down, and Cam-Man had a breakfast of Oatmeal and some fruit, and was happily settled with a little bit of “Super Why“, and “Sid the Science Kid“.

I talked to the Farmer about Momma’s weekend, and some other stuff, and then the Farmer went out to mow the yard.  I went in and changed Momma’s bedclothes, and she barely woke up.  Cam-man came in and when he saw Momma sleeping, he backed slowly out of her room with his finger to his lips saying “shuushh”.  Then when I left her room, he pulled her door almost closed and then peeked in on her.

Several times during the morning, he peeked in on her, and he was very quiet (compared to Cam-Man standards).  Cam-Man helped me with the chores, he held the dustpan, after I had swept the kitchen.  He helped me wash dishes, and then helped me re-stock Momma’s food, and drinks.

He did climb into her wheelchair, and we did go for a ride around the grounds while “PA” (the Farmer) was mowing.  He sat there and waved at the Farmer and the Farmer waved back.

When it came time to get Momma out of bed, Cam-man was right there, trying to help.  He held a flashlight on Momma while I cleaned her up.  Although, I think we all had a giggle after Momma had gotten off the porta potty, and Cam-Man walked up to it, peered inside and plugged his nose and shouted ‘PUWIE”.

Momma, did really good, and Cam-man and her had a couple of conversations today, that seriously to me was like “old times”.  I felt a little “stressed” at one point, when I was giving Momma her meds, and Cam-Man was screaming at me from the bathroom “POOPOO MEMAW  NOW”.

Cam-man is learning to be potty trained.  I don’t think I made it in time to help him.  But he’s got the idea.    He had already gone in the “big people” potty twice before that.

I made it through the first day of the week, but I can’t tell you how many times I have answered the question “What’s that?”  “I want that”, and endless other things that have popped out of his mouth.

Before, it was easy, you could park Cam-Man and he would stay put, these days he is all 2-year-old boy, into everything, running everywhere, chasing the kitties, and talking endlessly.  He is a sponge.  We taught him a few things today, and he was happy.

Momma enjoyed him, to an extent.  I think the two of them have a relationship, that none of us understand.  When Momma was in her bed, getting ready to get up, Cam-Man and her were talking up a storm.  Momma has a fluffy giraffe pillow, and Cam-man loves it, along with Momma’s teddy bear.  Cam-Man asked Momma if he could have her fluffy giraffe, and Momma handed it to him.  That little kid went over to the chair and sat there and just hugged it, while I gave Momma a bath.

While I am tired, I’m ready to do it again tomorrow.  There was just so much to my day, that I can’t even begin to put into words.    I’ve only hit the highlights.  But folks, I can tell you this,  I am one blessed woman.




4 responses

  1. i am so glad you had a good day, even with the hustle and bustle. I am sure the little one kept your mind busy and not drifting to other topics you think and worry about. hope you make it through the rest of this week without an added wrinkle. lololol

    1. WRINKLES? I gots lots of those…:)

  2. This sounds very busy but also fantastic!

  3. I could re-read the paragraph about the little guy waking up and running to you. Nothing is better than a little one’s morning cuddle. You ARE blessed!

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