Flying by the seat of my pants….


This past week, has been a week.  While I have watched Cam-Man daily, and taken care of Momma too, I’ve seriously just been flying by the seat of my pants.

I have a routine that I follow, on a day-to-day basis.  That thing flew out the window this week.  I warned the Electrician on Sunday night, that this week was going to be a doozy.  Also, to not get upset if some things were not done. (Pfftt…he is pretty laid back, so I had nothing to worry about).

I have noticed in the past few days, the difference in Cam-Man.  Before when I used to watch him daily, he didn’t move around all that much, and he was engrossed in t.v. and naps.     It kind of helped he couldn’t really walk, but he could crawl with lightning speed.   He also, did not really talk all that much, just a bunch of nodding and uh huh’s.

Well, all’s I can say is damn, what a difference a year makes.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve interacted with Cam-Man for periods of time, like 4 hours here and 4 hours there, with sometimes weeks in between.

But having day-to-day contact with him for about 7-8 hours a day, whew.  All’s I can say is, I now know why I had kids when I was in my twenties, and hats off to the “older” Moms.

Don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed all of it.  I’ve never been so bone tired at the end of the day, though for a very long time.  I guess, I forgot the endless “What’s this?”  “What’s that”, “Why?” .

But at the same time, I felt immense satisfaction today, when Cam-Man looked at me and said “What’s this?”, I replied with “It’s a car, how do you spell it?”  “C A R” .  We’ve been working on spelling, and counting this week.  I was so proud.

Today, I rolled into the Nursing student’s house at about 6:10 AM, and Cam-Man was still sleeping, so I went and laid on her bed watching t.v.  The Nursing student wanted me to do this, because Cam-Man always wakes up and comes into the bed with them, and she was nervous he might get upset if no one was there and she didn’t want him to get scared.  She told me, he would just curl up and go back to sleep for a couple of hours.  YEA RIGHT!!!

Little dude came in after making a crying noise, rubbing his eyes, and dragging his blanket behind him.  He saw me and perked right up.  He climbed up on the bed and snuggled with me for, oh about 5 minutes, and then changed the t.v. to cartoons, and started giggling.   We watched t.v. for a bout a half an hour, then got busy.

We arrived at the Park this morning about 15 minutes after it opened, simply because Cam-man has been bugging me to go to the park, and it was a little early to go to the Farmer’s because on Thursday’s he has to get up super early and take the trash out, then takes a nap.


We played for about an hour, and yes, I went down the slide with him, and we crawled all over everything, then I pushed him towards the sky, on the swing and he giggled.

We made it to the Farmer’s and Cam-Man looked at me and said “tired”.  I told him if wanted he could lay down, and even though this kid is 2 years and 3 months old, I got the LOOK.  So, I kept him busy with helping me.  Cam-Man loves to help.  From washing dishes (playing in the water), to helping me put clothes in the washer (he gets to throw the tide pod in and start the machine), to helping me sweep the floor (he holds the dustpan and scoops everything up).  He was very busy today.

At one point though, he looked at me with his toy tractor in one hand and his car in the other hand and said “Meemaw play?”.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I melted, and we then proceeded to play for about an hour, which ended up with me giving him a horsey ride on my back.

When it was time to get Momma up, Cam-Man came into Momma’s room with me, shut the door and then grabbed Momma’s hand and those two had a conversation while she got her bath.    They held hands the whole time.  When I got Momma up and on the potty, Cam-Man looked at Momma and told her “You poo now k?”.  She gave him the LOOK.  hehehe..

Cam-Man helped me strip the bed, (grabbed the soft giraffe pillow and sat in the chair with his face smashed into it), and we remade Momma’s bed.  Cam-Man was encouraging Momma the whole time the Farmer and I were getting her into the front room.

By the time we left, Cam-Man looked at me and said “Meemaw, tired!”  When I had him buckled into the car seat, I turned around and looked at him, and he smiled at me, then I asked him “Do you want your blanket?”.  Little dude nodded, and I gave it to him.  Before I had even pulled out of the driveway, his thumb was in his mouth, eyes closed,  and his head was nodding.

By the time I got to the Nursing Student‘s house, he was out cold.  I carried him from the car to his bed, and he never even moved a muscle.

I still get Cam-Man tomorrow, but only for a couple of hours.  While this week has been hard, on many different levels, it has been a Blessing, simply for the fact Cam-Man and Momma have spent some good time this week, and maybe he will remember, maybe he won’t, but I’ve had the satisfaction of seeing the both of them together, interacting, and a bunch of love thrown around.

I’ve always said that no one understands what the two of them share. I’ve seen it first hand this week.    I’ve seen how much Cam-Man has grown, I’ve seen Momma interact with Cam-Man (and tell him off when he needed it, and he listened).  When Cam-man left today, he crawled up into Momma’s chair and gave her a bear hug, and a kiss, and told her “love you”, Momma gave him a hug and a kiss back, and said “Love you too….”

Now if anyone in my family reads this they will know the significance of this.  Usually, we tell Cam-Man we love him, and he says ‘love you too”.   I thought it was special and almost teared up.

It’s been a week, that is almost over, I’ve flown by the seat of my pants, but have loved, enjoyed, and cherished every moment.



2 responses

  1. You definitely have wings of steel!

  2. what a blessing God has brought to mama and you this week by the use of a two year old. you will never forget these days and neither will mama…….hugs

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