Inspiration, and a Happy Birthday!!!

This is me with The Electrician‘s Mom, last Summer. What a Lady.  Today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday Mom!

These are The Electrician’s parents aka my outlaws…:)  They have given me a bunch of  Inspiration.  You see, They took care of  The Electrician’s Gramma until she passed away at age 96.  Gramma Mary lived with them and they cared for her.  Gramma Mary couldn’t see, could barely walk and didn’t hear very well and forgot to put her teeth in A LOT.

They are the one’s who have given me Inspiration, advice and tons of support in my quest to help My Mom.  They always ask after her and listen to my stories and giggle with me and sometimes cry with me. They have also given me ideas, and exercises and other stuff to try.

So For My Mother-In-Law…Happy Birthday and Thank you for Everything!


2 responses

  1. thank u for sharing the photos. i enjoyed seeing a part of your family.

  2. […] Inspiration, and a Happy Birthday!!! ( […]

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