6 hours of pure frustration, Technology…


I have literally spent the last 6 hours trying to restore my dinosaur of a computer back to its original state.  You see, the other night, I got a message that told me I did not have enough memory in my computer to do the things I asked of it.  So, me being the all-knowing goddess of cyberspace, decided to fix it.

Yea, I fixed it alright….Somewhere along the lines, I deleted my sound system which seriously sucks, because the Farmer gave the Electrician and I some Bose speakers with a 3-speaker woofer (or something like that)  a few years ago.  I seriously like to “rock out”  to you tube while doing housework, or even playing on the computer.

Yep, somewhere and somehow, I deleted a key component and now I can play you tube, no problem.   Sound on the other hand is the problem because there is none.

I had decided I would finally give in and call “Dell Support“, to see if they could help me find the drive that I lost.    Please believe me, that I am frustrated and mean no disrespect, but when the Dell “person” came on the phone and advised, that while I had one of the “top of the line” computers, my warranty had expired about 12 years ago, and for the price of $169.99, they could help me fix my problem and provide me with support for the next year.

All the while it has dawned on me that my hard drive is 13 years old.  **SMACK to the FOEHEAD****.  Yes,  we did update our monitor and got one of those fancy “new age”  flat screen monitors, yes, we’ve updated our mouse and got one of those fancy new wireless mice.  Uhm….I still have the hard drive from 13 years ago, that right now is screaming at me to get with the program and update its butt.

Technology, isn’t it grand?  What you buy today is going to be outdated in oh about a month from now, so how do you keep up?  I guess 13 years is really asking a bunch out of a hard drive.  Although, it has had one upgrade of space to it about a year ago.  Sigh….  I guess Camsgranny has to get with the program and start looking into new hard drives.



4 responses

  1. did you try to do the computer restore to an earlier date??? than it would put your computer back to the way it was before u messed with it………just a thought

    1. can’t, not enough memory left to do a system restore, I’ve stuffed this thing to full….it’s going to the doctor on Monday though…:)

      1. ok, will miss you while u r gone

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