This weeks plan, and dedication…


This week, I have already started planning.  I do not have Cam-man this week, and my bottom lip is dragging, it’s ok though, because I have some time slotted for just him.

This week is dedicated to the Farmer.  You see, the Farmer NEVER actually gets a break.  He is there 24/7, with me to fill in daily.  After getting up so early last week to go get Cam-man, the Farmer had made a remark to me.

I listened.  Tomorrow, I am going to arrive at the Farmer’s at about 7:45 am, and get Momma‘s 8 am meds ready and give them to her.  When he hears me arrive, he is to turn over and sleep in as long as he wants.

When he does finally surface, it will be to a fresh cup of coffee, and a fresh cooked breakfast, and not one of those freezer breakfasts he eats over the weekend when I am not there.

I will also do this again on Wednesday, just for him.  You see, while he may feel like sometimes he is in this with just her and him, I’m here too.    I can get up early, and it’s not hurting me any to go over a little earlier a couple of days a week.  And also, believe me when I say, I can totally understand wanting to sleep in.  I cherish Saturdays and Sundays for this fact.

I NEVER want the Farmer to feel he is alone in this journey, and while there are times he has to understand, I also have my own family and can’t always do what he needs.  I am still here.

We figure our Calender religiously , I know when his events are and I mark them on my calender and know what I am supposed to be doing.  I hate the fact that the Farmer has to “ask my permission” to go to an event. I hate the fact there are times I have to tell him no, because I already have plans.

While neither one of us signed onto this Parkinson’s Thing, we are both here, and both trying to make it work.  I would say, we do it together rather well.

Because the bottom line is Momma.  She is the sun in our lives.  I am reminded of a song, it is one, that was on Facebook this week, and I laughed, because it was a very good friend that started it.

You are my sunshine My only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray, you’ll never know dear, how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away.

On this the Farmer and I are on the same page. Although Parkinson’s has entered our lives, and trust me folks, we’re in Stage 5.  We are scared, and living day-to-day.  It doesn’t matter if it’s raining outside, if Momma wakes up, the sun is shining.



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  1. your heart is solid gold inside and out………they are so lucky to have u in their lives………maybe it has nothing to do with luck at all, it is just who u r

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