Wacky Wednesday…


Have you ever had a day, where so many things happen, and then so many more things flash in your mind?    It’s like watching a movie in your brain.

My day has been a good one.  A little strange at times, but over all just good.

I got up at the crack of dawn this morning, and did my stuff here, and flew down the road.  Today I was going to let the Farmer sleep in and ‘sneak” in and give Momma her first meds of the day.

I have learned over the years how to be quiet, and I “snuck” in the house, the Farmer slept.  I went in and gave Momma her meds, today, she knew who I was and actually smiled at me.  I changed her bed stuff, got her clean and dry.

I went out and played with the kitties, who were not to happy to see me instead of the Farmer, but “Spice girl” (The Farmer’s kitty) is coming around.  She did her “song and dance” routine, ate the treats I gave her and then went back to being on Momma’s bed, sleeping with Momma.  This is something she has just started doing.  Goldie, who is Momma’s cat, has been sleeping under the bed.

I went out and made a cup of coffee and then walked down and got the paper.  On my walk back up to the house, I noticed it was starting to sprinkle.  I looked up to the heavens and said a prayer for the Electrician.

For the Electrician, he is in his last week of this job.  While some may say, why are you happy he is getting laid off?  To them I say this, this has been one of the hardest jobs the Electrician has ever done.  His body hurts, his hands, he soaks every night in ice.  His knees are sore.  I ask a question, could you climb 300 feet in the air ever day and not hurt?  He works 12 -13 hours a day.  He doesn’t complain, he just does it.  For his family.

But, yet again I digress.  The Farmer finally surfaced, fresh eyes and squeaky clean.  He had gotten up and jumped in the shower.    I got breakfast made, and then the Farmer and I planned out our game plan for the day.  The best laid plans, yea, I know.

I got busy with some domestic diva chores at the Farmer’s house.  Duh, moping the floor was NOT a good idea when it’s raining ‘cats and dogs” outside.   I say raining “Cats and dogs outside” because this is what the little weather thingy says when it is raining.

The Farmer arrived back in time for me to tell him I was getting ready to get Momma up.  I went in and shooed the kitties off the bed, both of them were up snuggled close to her by now.  I gave Momma a bath, and then got her up.  Momma was full of giggles at this time.  She actually was down right funny, and showed some of her former self.

We got her up and onto the Porta potty, and man oh man, whew, is all’s I’m gonna say.  Momma was the life and the party, for a good half an hour.  By the time we got her back into the front room, PD had taken over again.

I got everything finished up and was ready to roll on down the road.  Today I had an appointment with a new hairdresser.  Being a little nervous, hey I am really scared about someone doing my hair.  Is this a woman thing?    I’ve had the same person do my hair for the past oh uhm…9 years, and going to someone new, made me EXTREMELY nervous.

I arrive, and she can see I am nervous, so she tries to settle me down.  I’m ok, really.  Within the next 15 minutes, I am at ease and calm.  And then….my phone goes off.  I am searching for my phone, and she remarks “Nice ring tone“.  I look at the phone and it is the Farmer.  RUH ROH….

I answer the phone, and I am a little bit flummoxed. It’s the Farmer and  Half of my head is wrapped in foil, and he says Momma is acting funny and he can’t understand her.    My first question that I ask is “did you turn the heating pad off?”, after a few more comments, I tell him, “Uhm, Dad, I will tell you, turn off the heating pad, tell her to calm down, and I’ll be there in a little bit ok?”  “OK” is what I heard.

I finish getting my head up on foil, hehe, and then I sit back, relax and read a magazine.  The hairdresser has already told me I have about 35 minutes to be “all foiled up”.  I am praying by now, that everything is fine with Momma, and truly in my heart I knew it was.

Meanwhile, I got my hair scrubbed, (oh my goodness…I’m kinda in heaven about now), then, a cut and then a blow-dry.  It felt a little strange telling someone how I take care of my hair, because seriously, I don’t.  I wash it, I cream rinse it, and I throw it up in a towel, and then let down, brush it and whammno.  I’m done.    But, I kept getting told, how great shape my hair was in.    Something about not blow drying it, nor curling it, nor flat ironing it.  Ok to be truthful, do you know who I usually see in my ordinary day?  I see the Farmer, Momma and the Electrician.  Makeup, pfft, yea ok, curlers, pfft…so not me.

When I left the shop, I seriously felt like a million bucks.  I love my hair, and to be truthful, she nailed it.  Thank you to Sarah.  I will be seeing her again.  She is a marvel.

But, again I digress…..sometime between the shampoo and the cut, I received another phone call from the Farmer, telling me, Momma was ok, she just got heated up, or something like that.  Did I not ask if the Farmer had cut off the heating pad?

Feeling the joy of a new haircut and color, and then coming smack back dab into reality, which is my life,I’ve learned some things about my day.  I’m leaving a bunch out here because simply, I live in a small town, and I don’t wish to make enemy’s.

But I will tell you this…..if they are talking about me and MY life, then maybe they are leaving alone someone else who isn’t as strong as me.  Go ahead and say what you will, because 1.  You don’t walk in my shoes.  2.  I’ve little time for your small a$$ bullcrap.  and 3.  If you want to be a big girl, then step into my shoes, deal with what I am dealing with and then come to me face to face and say what you want to.

I’m sorry to the $hit stirrer, but I will not be bullied, nor will I give your crap the time of day, other than to publicly tell you, forgettaboutit, Your barking up the wrong tree here.



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  1. glad your hair day went as you wanted it to. i also get nervous and even bitchy when someone new tells me they know what i need, do they now………………i am not sure what happened, but give em hell girl!!!!!!

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