A Kick in the pants


I was just given a serious kick in the pants.  I was advised by the Electrician that I needed to get off my pity pot, and quit looking at yesterday, and start looking at tomorrow.

While I am sitting and moaning about how bad Momma has progressed, I need to look at today, and cherish it,

Momma is still here, and I need to quit looking at her to die, and just relish every moment I have with her, and starting taking “mind video’s”.

Isn’t that the truth.  I have been so caught up with how bad her progression has gotten, that I have somehow managed to lose today.

So, instead of looking at the negative, which is what I have been doing, about all the things she can no longer do, and how her mind is acting lately, and getting upset and depressed.  I need to look at the fact, that Momma is here NOW.

So with that being said, I will now find a positive about today.

Momma is awake, and although terrified at her surroundings, because nothing is familiar.  She does eventually recognize who we are.

Momma can STILL walk into the front room.  The fact that she is still able to walk albeit only in the mornings is a miracle.

The fact that she is still breathing and snoring like crazy and blowing the roof off the house with her snore, well, that is a Blessing too.

The fact that I get to share almost everyday with her, THAT is a Blessing all unto itself.

I’m tired of waiting for the BOOM.  I will live the following days, blessing everything, and cherishing every day that I have with this wonderful woman, and when it comes, so be it.  I am no longer afraid of it, I’m not going looking for it.

BUT, I am going to live it and cherish each and every moment from this day forward.




2 responses

  1. this is what i tell Al every single day

  2. Tell the Electrician that I have never seen you as a pity potter!

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