Yesterday’s re-visited, and Parkinson’s

I have been known to be Queen of the back roads, simply because anyone who knows me, knows, I hate to drive through town.  Besides, the back way is so much prettier than town.    There are 2 different back ways to go that actually run into each other.  So, today I went the full back way from my driveway to my folks driveway.

This is right around the corner from my house…this would be my BFF Jill’s pasture and her hubby Bill’s cows..:)

This is a little further on down the road.  (p.s. this is a dirt/gravel road and I really dislike the way my back window gets covered with dust and I can’t see out of it.)  I do like looking at all the trees changing colors.

This Log cabin/house is one of the prettiest  in the area and with all the colors of the trees, one of my favorite.

I love when the trees turn colors against the green pasture….

This is one of my favorite corners because I know what comes next….

Fishing hole, swimming hole, and kayaking start…plus it’s peaceful on a drive when you are getting your thoughts together.  I have also ran into so many deer on this part of the road.  They come down from the hills to get a drink, and then scatter up the hill, when I slowly drive around the corner.

And this is going over the bridge where the 2 roads meet.  I’m a lucky girl because sometimes I drive this at least 4 times a day.  I do this drive because as I’ve already said, I really, really dislike driving through town.  It’s not pretty and it adds about 15-25 minutes to my time, there are stop-lights and traffic and town.  On this road, there’s really not a lot of people driving it, there IS a lot of farmers driving it, but hey…I don’t mind pulling off the side of the road for a Combine or whatever.  I even stop for Deer.  I DO NOT however drive this road at night….too many critters, and I like my Toyota  Rav 4 too much to hit them or have them hit me.

I have re-visited this post, that was originally posted last year.  I revamped it and added to it.  These are sights that I see on a day-to-day basis.  Some friends of mine who live in the “big” city, laugh at me. Until they see pictures such as this.  They might not have to fight with raccoons, or stop for deer on the road, but ya know what?  I don’t hear sirens or stuff like that, and if I hear gunshots, it’s because it’s hunting season.

I wouldn’t trade this for anything.  I am a country girl at heart, and a Farmer’s daughter.The Farmer’s daughter who has a brown thumb, and relies on her Electrician husband to keep things alive around my house.

While I understand that it is best to let yesterday go, I like to re-visit it sometimes. Especially on days like today.

While I want to be positive and not let negative rule me, sometimes it is hard.    When Momma could not recognize who the Farmer and I were,and telling me we were two very nice people, and thank you very much for all our help. To then her telling me I was her Momma and just needing a hug.  While I understand that PD has attacked her brain, and sometimes it’s a little messed up, I try to fill her void.  She has been very emotional lately, and I think I could handle things a bunch better when there were no tears rolling down her face,  or she wasn’t so upset because of how confused she is.

She talks a lot about the past now.  She told me about the voices in her head, and asked me if I could hear them.  While I cannot hear them, I tried to make her feel better.

The Farmer has a hard time hearing Momma, simply because, YES, he is a little hard of hearing.  But at the same token, it might be a good thing, because he does not always hear what Momma is saying.

Parkinson’s is a very hard thing to deal with, if I am having a hard time, I can only imagine Momma’s terror.


3 responses

  1. you have beautiful scenery that you see daily. i love it. your trees are turning faster than ours. it sounds like it was a mixed day for mama, and i feel for her . i hope that you found some comfort in your revisit and that tonight you have found a smile somewhere within your walls.

  2. I’d be driving that route too – beautiful countryside and not so different from here! Re your Momma, her tears and the fear seems a bit new – I am so sorry Jo!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I always take the back road whenever possible as well. It’s so much more relaxing than getting stuck in stop and go behind angry drivers!

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