Today was a success….

When I woke up this morning, it was in a bit of a panic.  I could not see the alarm clock, and I thought I had to be somewhere early this morning.  Silly me, it was 6:45 and I didn’t have to be anywhere early.  Whew.

I drank my coffee and did some domestic diva stuff, and then headed over to the Farmer’s.  I was on a mission today. Momma needed her hair washed, and not by a “hair wash cap”. I’ve been mulling over in my mind how to accomplish this, without “stressing” out Momma, nor sapping all of her energy, bending over the kitchen sink for 15 minutes.

I approached the Farmer with my plan, and he was game.  I let Momma sleep in (as usual).  I did the domestic diva stuff at the Farmer’s, the usual, mopping floors.  On a side note, and this is not meant to be snarky in any way shape or form, but if ANYONE thinks a white tiled kitchen floor is a good idea, well, I’m here to tell you DON’T DO IT!!!!!  I swear, I mop this floor at least 3 times a week, and then I hand ‘swipe” it the other two.

I did the laundry, and made a meatloaf  for the Farmer this weekend, fed the cats, restocked the Pepsi in the fridge, took out trash, and a few other things (yea, the Electrician just read the list and made a comment about doing some of  THIS stuff at home).

It was close to time to get Momma up.  I had already been into her room a few times, to clean her up and get her dry, give her meds and just to check on her.   She was snoring to beat the band this morning, and I giggled at the Farmer that the roof was going to blow off.  He made the comment, “At least we know she is still breathing”.  We both giggled and smiled.

Time to put my plan into action.  I got 1 bucket full of water with a cup and put it on the side table,  I got another bucket (empty), I got 2 towels, and then one of the bed pads that we use, and then also a hairdresser cape ready.

I woke Momma up, and we exchanged the normal early afternoon banter.  I asked Momma if she was ready to get her hair washed.  She replied that she wasn’t feeling up to standing, and I replied with I had a plan.  She said she was game so it was on.

Momma has a hospital bed, and she normally sleeps at a 45 degree angle (she has a feeding tube in her stomach and is NEVER allowed to be flat).  I helped her sit up (at a 90 degree angle), and then I moved her pillow and put it in the middle of her back.  I laid down the bed pad over her pillow and the back of the bed, then I laid down a towel, and next the hairdresser cape, but I put that on backwards, so the majority of it was behind her.    I then took the empty bucket and butted it up to her.  I then asked her to lean back and look at the ceiling.  I then proceeded to wash her hair using the 2 buckets, and voila.  SUCCESS.

When I was done, I removed the now full bucket, and pulled everything off the bed.  The bed was dry, and so was Momma.  I wrapped her head up in a towel, and then proceed to bathe her.  We did our normal routine from there.

When we got Momma up and onto her porta potty, I blow dried her hair and when she was done, fully dressed.  The Farmer remarked to Momma when he came in to help me assist her up and into the living room “There is my beautiful girl, and your hair looks amazing”.  Momma smiled, and demanded a kiss, from both of us.

I must say, Momma walked into the front room with a little “swag” in her step, and I think she felt truly happy.    I was ecstatic simply for the fact, I’ve now figured out how to wash Momma’s hair without her feeling drained or stressed.  No more itching herself silly.  THAT makes me happy. However on a side note, I think I need to get some posters to put on the ceiling for her to look at while we do this.

I finished cleaning her room, starting another load of laundry, and making her bed for her to get into it this evening (I usually do that every day anyway), I laid out her p.j.’s on her pillow, and because today was a mild day, I opened her windows to let it air out.  I had no sooner opened the windows, when both of Momma’s protectors came flying into the room and each kitty took an open window and promptly climbed into it.

When I was getting ready to leave, I gave the Farmer some last-minute instructions, (and p.s. Hey Farmer, Don’t Forget to tell Beth about Friday.)

Today for me was a huge success.  I will also say, I’m kinda proud of myself for finding a better way for Momma to get her hair washed that does not sap all of her strength, and scare her.

Happy Friday peeps, today was a good one!!!!!


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  1. i am so glad that you found this way to wash mama’s hair. i bet she felt so much better!!!!

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