Retrospect, and a little tired….

Ok, my universe is a little upside down right now, although in retrospect, I’m not sure it’s ever been right side up.

Yesterday, I was awakened by the phone at 6:30 am.  Now, I don’t know about you, but it can never be good when the phone rings that early in my house. In the olden days, (about this time last year), it was usually because Momma had gotten up in the middle of the night and had fallen, and the Farmer had just found her, and I would fly over, and between him and I, we would get her back into bed, with her face usually being the only casualty of the fall.  Thank goodness, THOSE days are over, although with that being said, it’s kind of sad at the same time, because Momma is incapable of even rolling over in bed, much less getting out of it, without assistance.

The phone call was from the Farmer, The Electrician shoved the phone at me and said ‘It’s your Dad“, while he was sitting straight up in bed.   I was a little nervous, but said ‘Hello?”  “Joanne, i’b sick, and cough, cough, cough, I need helb”  “okay, let me throw on some clothes and I’ll be right over ok?”  “Can you stob at the store and get somb masks”.  “Uhm?  What?”

After figuring out what he meant, I got dressed and left the house.  The Electrician was ever so sweet though, because he said to me “Do you need me to go with you?” and I asked “do you want to go with me?”  “Uhm, not really, but if you need me to I will”.  Aww.  I told him to go back to sleep, after he got up and moved his truck for me.

I’m rolling into town, and have decided I didn’t mind driving through town.  For one thing, on a Sunday morning at exactly 7;02 am, there is NO ONE on the roads, and if you time it just right, you can hit every green light!  I stopped at Walgreen’s, and searched high and low, until I stumbled upon facial masks. (kind of like the surgical one’s).  I didn’t even know they sold them.  I grabbed a box and then went over to the juice isle.  The Farmer had wanted grape juice.  Uhm, who ever heard of grape juice for a cold?  I grabbed some orange juice and then proceeded to cruise through town.

I got to the Farmer’s and snuck in the back door.   I went and checked on Momma first, then made myself a much-needed cup of coffee, and then made up Momma’s meds.   The kitties greeted me, and I felt the need to give them treats and we all settled down to watch some t.v. for about 15 minutes, and then I went in and gave Momma her meds (she never woke up), Changed her pants and got dry sheets on the bed (she never woke up).

I decided that since I was probably going to be there most of the day, I would go down and get the newspaper, read it, and then sweep the kitchen, and then, just because, I laid down on the couch.  About the time, I’m laying down here comes the Farmer.  Wow, I asked him if he got the license number of the truck that he got hit by because he really looked bad.  I also informed him to drink a glass of juice and get out of here and go back to sleep, and DO NOT BREATH ON ME!!

Our weekend Caregiver Beth, showed up and her and I talked for a bit.  I asked her if she would mind coming back a couple of hours earlier, and let the Farmer go back to bed, and she said that was fine.  She then went in and got Momma up, and then totally cleaned Momma’s room to get any little germs out of there.    I taught her how to mix Momma’s “cocktail” and also showed her how to give Momma her med’s.  I also hand wrote instructions, and then showed her some other stuff.    She left and assured me she would be back early to help us out.

The Farmer surfaced at about 1:30, and he had a shower and looked a bit better, but still kinda rough.  I told him I had made plans with Beth and she was coming back early, when he asked me why, he got the “look”.    He then realized what I had meant and was very happy.

I left about 2:15, and got back to my house, and the Electrician had gotten a phone call from the Nursing student so we watched the 2 grandbabies (Cam-man and Brayden Boy) for about an hour, and then we ate dinner and I goofed off, and went to bed early.

This morning, I snuck into the Farmer’s, and did a repeat of yesterday.  I was starting to get worried about the Farmer though because it was close to 9:30 before he came out of his room.  He looked better.  He asked me for some breakfast, so I made him the usual bacon, scrambled cheesy eggs with toast.  BIG glass of orange juice and then a cup of coffee.

I asked him how last night went, and he smiled.  Apparently when Beth showed up, she sent him back to bed, and took care of Momma, giving her meds to her and getting her into bed by herself. (Hey she’s a CNA and has been one for a while).   Apparently when Momma was in the bed for the night, she did ask Beth where the Farmer was and he wasn’t dead was he?  So, the Farmer stuck his head in the door and said, yes, he was still alive, just sick.

While I wish I was capable of getting Momma up by myself, without having to bug the Farmer, alas, I am not a CNA, and I need help.  For her safety as well as mine.  So, I let momma sleep in today, but needed the Farmer’s help to get her up.  I made him put on the mask, and Momma giggled when she saw him, and then asked him who he was going to do surgery on.

With everything settled at the Farmer’s house, I took my leave.  When I arrived at my house, I noticed no lights on, so I snuck in, plus the Electrician said he was going to take a nap.  I’m getting pretty good at this sneaking in thing, because the Electrician never heard me, nor did the Farmer this morning.  That’s a BIG accomplishment for me, since I’ve been told I “clomp” everywhere.

Tonite, I made a Green Chili Stew for dinner, because if the Farmer has breathed on me, like I know he has, the green chili will burn any and all bad germs out of my body.  I’ve got a big weekend coming up and I cannot get sick.  period.   Keep your fingers crossed for me, cuz, I’m really getting tired.


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  1. i think i need that recipe for the green chili stew so i can burn away the PD from Al’s body an burn some energy to my innards. lol. you have had a big two days, and I know that you should be resting more, but i also know that you will not do it, so i am not going to tell you to! hope you all remain sick free, and tomorrow is a bit better for all!

    1. If it would have cured PD, I’d have been shoving it down momma’s mouth EVERYDAY!!!!!! 🙂

      1. ya i guess i should not have said that, i am so sorry

  2. i just noticed that i was not following you on twitter, so i clicked the follow button and right away it appears on your twitter page your age. no wonder you can out do me. i am an old woman compared to you. i am almost 10 years older!!!!! yep, i do know that i deserve those naps now for sure. no more guilt for me~~~

    1. I am the great “young” age of 50, will be 51 this year, and I have eatned everyone of those years. Hey, did you know I can get a “senior” discount at Denny’s…Life is good…:)

      1. i get a senior discount lots of places now, so there, and i stick out my tongue at you and wiggle my fingers!!! LOLOL i am 58

  3. OMG – I am exhausted just reading this – you stay well kiddo! You are my hero! The trouble is you are everyone’s hero!

    1. I’m a Bird, I’m a plane, I can fly….well, I’m not a bird, I’m not a plane, and I can’t friggin fly, and I definatly am not a hero, well….maybe to my kitty, 🙂

      1. I think your sense of humour is the key to your strength. I seem to have lost mine lately but yours helps me pick it up. Ants getting wheelchair taxied home for the day – I have one hour to get my smile back on!

      2. Check your e-mail in 5 minutes…

  4. […] Retrospect, and a little tired…. ( […]

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