Fall Television….

Ok, I have a confession to make.  I usually do not watch to many things on t.v.  I usually play on the computer, with the t.v. in the background.  There is a show I am ‘hooked” on.

When we first heard about a show called “The Revolution“, it was from our cousin’s.  You see the Electrician’s third cousin had a part in the series.  Our little girl,  cousin Morgan Hinkleman, played the role of ‘Charlie” when she was a little girl.  There was a lot of talk going on in the family, and ok, the Electrician and I were interested.

The Premiere of The Revolution came on and the Electrician and I watched it.  I must confess, I was pleased to see little Morgan, but then the whole show took me into a life, that I could only imagine.

The premise of the show, is what would happen to the world if all the power went out. No more phones, no more t.v.’s, no more lights,no more computers,  and chaos ensues.

I do have to admit, I have been sucked into the series, and I enjoy Monday nights glued in front of the t.v. to see what happens next.  To say that, and know that the Electrician prefers watching this show with me snuggled together instead of Monday Night Football, says a BUNCH!!!  Although with that being said, if the Bears are playing on a Monday night, well, I’ll be in the other room and he will DVR it.

For those of my blogger friends that do not have the opportunity to see this show, they do have a web site and you can see the episodes online at


It is more of a Science Fiction type of thing, but the Electrician and I have sat here and plotted out how we would make it through an event such as this.   We have figured out how to make our house safer from intruders, and how to manage with no electricity.  We remembered those 7 days a couple of winters ago, when we had no electricity, and no water.  (We are in the country and live on well water, no power, no water).  Hey, I do have a pond out back though!

Considering the amount of scented candles I have around here, we could make it for approximately 78 hours of night-time.  I need more candles.    We have enough wood we could have some campfires, and I also need to go get some more charcoal.  The first few days, no problem, I’d just have to cook everything I have in the 3 freezers and we could last a couple of weeks.  With all the Deer, and other wildlife around here, we might be able to survive for a bit, but with winter coming, it’s gonna get cold.

The whole premise of the story makes you stop and think, because after all it is just a story, and a t.v. show, but the Electrician and I?  We are thinking ahead.

But, like I said at the beginning of this post, I don’t watch to many t.v. shows, but I am truly enjoying this one.



3 responses

  1. My brother and I don’t watch many of the same television shows, but this is one we both have in common! It’s a fun one for sure.

  2. i will take a look at it

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