Paying it Forward…

I have been cleaning up my blog space, and have come across some blog posts, that I meant to post, but never got around to it.  So with that being said, I am going to post a couple of them.  They are all less than a month old, so please enjoy!!

Today, while I was waiting for the Electrician to get home from work,  I did some catching up on reading blogs.  I don’t always have the time to do this.

I came across a blog post today, that has had me thinking.  It was written by Professions for Peace.  It was titled More kindness of Strangers.    Here is a link for it

I urge you to go read it, it is very uplifting.  In a day when a lot of people don’t smile at each other anymore, nor is the “Please and Thank you” forthcoming.  This was a breath of sunshine to me.

It also, got me to wondering.  There have been times, when strangers have helped me.  There have times I have helped strangers.   It may seem like a small thing, but when I go to Aldi‘s I always give my shopping cart away.  You pay 25 cents for it and then you get your money back when you are done.    I always pass my cart on to someone else.

I like the idea of paying for someone else in the drive thru though, I might have to try that one.  Another one I heard was someone who had taken 10 $1.00 bills and hid them in the toy department at different stores.

It just made me stop and think, that maybe, just maybe, if we were all nice to one another, it could be a better place for everyone.



5 responses

  1. i love paying it forward stories, and so believe in it!!!

  2. This is lovely but the link wouldn’t work for me.

  3. Hello and Thank You! I am honoured to have you include the link to my post about ‘paying it forward’. I am sorry jmgoyder had trouble with the link because it seems good to me! I adore stories about kindness and really like how you give your carts away. Seems like a little thing but it isn’t really. It cheers a person and then they will likely smile more and pass along more kindness. And that’s an adorable idea of hiding $1 in toy stores. Sweet! Thank you again so much for including a link to my site from your own uplifting and inspiring site. I always enjoy visiting you here. Hugs, Gina

    1. Your welcome! The day I found the blog I was a little in the dumps, and it really cheered me up, so truly Thank You!!!

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