Goofy Tuesday, sort of….

I’m sitting here at a blank screen, trying to figure out what I am going write about. I’ve had such a different day, that I really don’t know where to start.

I guess at the beginning.  This morning at about 4:28 am, I was woke up by the Electrician moaning.  I got up to see what was going on and I followed him into the bathroom, where he blinded me with the light, and kept moaning.  I asked him what was wrong, and he said his sternum hurt whenever he pushed it.  I told him to quit pushing it and come back to bed.  He said that it hurt to breath and he was feeling a bunch of pain.  So, I asked him if he wanted me to take him to the hospital, and he shut off the light, and again stated, it hurt when he pushed on it.  To which I replied, AGAIN, quit pushing on it.

We went back to bed, and I ended up on the couch, because I couldn’t sleep now, and I didn’t want to disturb him.  A couple of hours later, I woke up freezing and went in and climbed into bed, about the time the Electrician was waking up.  I got quite the start when I looked at him, and he was laying with his arms crossed like he was in a coffin or something.

Flash forward a bit and I took him to the Urgent Care.  Both of our eyes got worried when they ordered a EKG, and then a chest x-ray.   But uhm, I kinda have to hang my head down a little low here.  Apparently, the germs the College student and I breathed on the Electrician, made him get an upper respiratory infection, that strained a muscle when he was coughing his head off with me the other night. (UHM oops).    So, armed with medication, I brought him home, and then went over to the Farmer’s.

Momma was sleeping peacefully, so I went in and got her bed stuff and her into dry things, and asked her if she wanted to get up, I got a sleepy, “nah, I think I want to be the Lady of the Manor and stay in bed for a while ok?”.  Ok.  The Farmer went out to finish mowing the yard, and I got busy and did some stuff around the house.  I washed his dishes, because he made his own breakfast, because I was at the Urgent Care.

I was in the middle of bagging the trash all up, when we decided the Farmer should take his Toyota to the dealership to fix an issue with his car.  I told the Farmer I would let Momma sleep until he got back, and away he went.

I went inside and finished the cleaning I was doing.  I peaked in on Momma and she was softly snoring, so I let her sleep.   When about 2:30 hit, Momma woke up and told me she was ready to get up.  I thought about it for a bit, and figured a plan in my head.

I went ahead and gave her a bath, and had her up and on her toilet, when I told her, it was her and I.  She looked at me intently, and said “What’s the plan?”.  I told her, I wanted her to stand, I would clean her up, and then finish getting her dressed.  She would then sit back down for a minute or two and then I wanted her to get up again and take 2 steps and I would have the wheelchair behind her, and then I would wheel her out into the front room, then she could stand again and back into the chair.

After telling her this plan, I swear, Momma’s eyes twinkled.  She looked at me and the stated, “Well, we do make a good team, let’s do this ok?”.  May I just say, WOW.  Momma and I did it.  We only had one moment, where I was seriously questioning myself, it wasn’t that Momma was going to fall or anything, but when I went to help her get out of the wheelchair, I realized I was on the wrong side of her to help.    For some unknown reason, I have to be on her right side.  I think that is because not only can I grab her under her arm, but I can also grab her by the seat of her pants (or in this case I used the gait belt).  We got her sit all nice and comfy in her chair, and then went through the ritual of having a mouth swab, getting today’s paper in front of her and making her comfy.

Usually, Momma will go right back to sleep.  Not today.  I turned the channel to The Walton’s, and her and I watched an episode.  She stayed awake, and finally the Farmer arrived back home.  He was a little shocked first that Momma was up, second that she was awake, and thirdly, that she was happy.

I ended up leaving and coming home and baking a batch of cookies for the Electrician.  Then made dinner, and now am relaxing.  The Electrician is feeling better.  I think he’s just all drugged up though.



4 responses

  1. what a busy day for you! glad u took hub to the doctor, and that mama had a great day!

    1. Sometimes, it never ends huh? whew, I’m glad it all turned out ok!..:)

  2. What a day! I thought you were going to say the Electrician had a heart attack – phew! Good news on the Momma front!

    1. For a bit, I did think he was having a heart attack, luckily no. wheew….

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