Try Walking….In these shoes….

I have been having a discussion with some ladies that I have known for about 34 years, if not longer.    Let me back track just a bit, first off I am 4’11” tall, while everyone else grew up, well God must have thought I was the perfect size.  Simply for the fact I topped out at age 14, and while everyone said I would have a “growth spurt“, the only one I’ve had is out, instead of up.

When I was younger, I used to wear heels ALL the time.  Working in an office and wearing “fancy” clothes.  Somewhere along the line, I got burned out with that office job and went for a career change.  I decided I wanted to work in the food Industry.

I went from being a waitress, to cooking, Manager of a Restaurant, to becoming the donut maker, and then the Sandwich maker.    All of that came to an end, when Momma became worse, and the Electrician let me make the change from the working world into Caregiver for Momma.

Now days, I get up, wash my face, brush my teeth and hair and throw on sweats in the winter, or shorts in the summer and my usual mode of shoe attire is flip-flops, or if I absolutely have to, UGG boots.

I entered into a lively discussion with these ladies, because I seriously still have love of shoes, I just don’t have that much opportunity to wear them.    When the wedding came about, and I had to “dress up” and wear heels, these ladies showed me pictures of various shoes, and I fell in love with this certain pair.

My only problem, how the heck do you walk in them, much less dance or stay vertical in them?    These ladies gave me lessons, and pointers.  I practiced faithfully, but somehow, I had some “slippage” going on when I introduced the shoes to panty hose.  (I don’t know about y’all, but panty hose suck.)  The ladies had me covered though and I sent the Electrician out to get some “heel pads”.  Whew success.

I was able to walk like a lady, and dance (a little) and I did not fall over like I thought I would.  Plus the shoes added 5 inches to my 4’11” frame.   So, while I had them on I was actually 5’4″ TALL!!!.

To tell you the truth though, there is too much oxygen at that level, so I was very happy to take them off and put them back into the shoe box, until the next time I need to “dress up” or maybe just to feel tall…


2 responses

  1. i have never liked heels, and sometimes to bring a good laugh to myself, i will try them on and get the timer out and see how many seconds it takes me to fall forward!!!!!! LOL guess i will always be remain a flat footed gal!

  2. You are hilarous! I love those shoes but I too prefer Uggs!

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