Family, Giggles, and Good times….Part 2…

Saturday morning dawned, and we all gathered around my dining room table.  Have you ever noticed, the best conversations are around a dining room/kitchen table?    It was decided we were going to a couple of towns over to go shopping in the big city, but we were going out to breakfast first.

We arrived for breakfast, and I think we were all floating in coffee.  We scarfed again.  We then hit the road, after a quick pit stop at the house to brush teeth and do “stuff”.  hehehe, mainly to get Jackets and change into warmer clothes, because the weather here is nothing like Biloxi, MS.

We hit the Big city and did what we do best, which is go in stores find bargains, and have fun.  (flashback here from a couple of weeks ago when I went shopping with the BFF and almost got thrown out of the store).  MOL and I are looking at stuff, and guess what?  we lost the men.  Plenty of people asked us if they could help us, until we replied with we were looking for our husbands.  No one offered to help.  I offered to stand in the middle of the store and scream out both men’s names, and took a big deep breath, when my MOL clapped her hand over my mouth and said, “Uhm, no, I don’t think so.”.  So, I did the next best thing, I let out with a very LOUD whistle.  Hey, it worked.

With all of our shopping done (uhm, 5 stores later), we headed to the home front, and the guys took naps, while Mol and I drank some more coffee, and then decided to run to Aldi‘s for some salad stuff for supper.  We had decided to go ahead and reheat my leftover Chicken and Noodles that I had made a couple of  weeks ago that I had frozen, and then make a salad.

We arrived at Aldi’s, which is one of my favorite stores, and also my Mol’s too.  (They don’t have them in MS.)  We grabbed the usual suspects for salad, with a couple of other things, and then, we happened along some Garlic flavored Couscous.    We both made an executive decision, to substitute the mashed potato’s with the Couscous.  We then made a couple of other stops on the way home.

Once home, we got busy with the cooking.  We giggled and laughed over our salad (uhm, we put all kinds of things in there).  Then I remembered I had a loaf of Rosemary/sea salt bread in the freezer I had made a couple of weeks ago, so we grabbed that and threw it in the oven.  We then re-heated the Chicken and Noodles and decided to add some of that famous Meatball soup broth to the chicken and noodles.

Dinner was a hit and there were hardly any leftovers.  Dishes were done, and the kitchen cleaned.  But I had to leave.  I had promised the Farmer back in July that I would watch Momma on this Saturday evening, so he could go to his 60th High School Re-union.

So off down the road I went.  When I arrived, Momma was in her chair and Caregiver Beth had taken care of Momma most of the day.  At first, Momma did not recognize me.  She looked at me like I was some one from outer space, and someone she did not know.    I let it go.

When we put Momma to bed, she went right to sleep, and Beth left.  When medicine time came around, I went in to give Momma her meds, and she woke up and gave me her BIG Momma smile, and asked me how long I had been there.  Uhm, ok….

We chatted for a bit, and then the Farmer arrived home.  He sure looks spiffy all dressed up.  He told me about his day, and I had to giggle when he told me he had seen one of my cousins today.

In Central Illinois, all of the Radio Stations had gotten together and they have something called “The Honor Flight“.  They take a bunch of World War II Vets to the Capitol, and the Veterans get to see some sights and Memorials.  Apparently, My Cousin Dick and his daughter Carol (who is one of my favorite cousins, and 1 year older than me), left for the Capitol on Thursday and returned on Friday.  The funny thing was, I had been listening to the updates they gave on the radio station about the journey.  I did not know that they had gone on the journey.

The Farmer told me he was the only one at his class reunion, that was not bald or grey either.  The Farmer had a good day, and had made a special effort to arrive home early, because he knew my Outlaws were at my house.  I gave everyone hugs and kisses and then flew down the road home. But on my way home, the radio station was playing some recordings of the Honor Flight participants, and I heard my cousins voice, and just smiled.

When I arrived, it was to a house of laughter.  We all got to giggling so hard, I thought I would pee my pants.  We looked at pictures from the cruise we took together.  The Electrician and I never even realized that his Dad and Mom had not seen our pictures (well, they took about 30, and we had about 150.)

We laughed and giggled about all kinds of things, and I seriously think it was probably the latest ALL of us have stayed up in a few years, 1:30 am, is kind of late for us old folks.

Stay tuned, for Part 3, kids, I promise to show pictures…


2 responses

  1. this has been a great way to rid yourself of a lot of stress, all those giggles

  2. I was smiling all the way through reading this.

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