Family, Giggles, and Good times….Part 3

Sunday dawned, and in our house, it was going to be our “mini” Thanksgiving Day. We ate our breakfast, and my Mol and I got busy.  We baked a fruit tart for dessert, and then got busy with our “dinner”.

The kids were coming today, and we were enjoying the “quiet” before the “storm”.  When all of us get together, it tends to be a little loud, chaos and fun.

We had a turkey breast all prepped, to be cooked in the ‘flavor-waver”, a hash brown casserole, and zucchini, broccoli, and cauliflower to be roasted in the oven.  My Mol made her famous apple salad, and we had some dinner rolls that had risen to 3 times the normal size.

The Dining room table had the leaf put into it, the Electrician scrounged 4 more chairs, and brought out the high chair.  The table was set, and the food was cooking, when the kids all arrived.  We were just putting it all together when the College student arrived, she had driven about an hour to make sure she made it in time to see her Grandparents.

The Blessing was said, and the food disappeared.  Then it was family fun time.  We all laughed, and giggled.  We decided it was time to go outside and take some pictures…  So the next part of this story will be told by the camera..

Cam-Man was outside while we were all sitting on the patio, and he was ever so excited to see the Moon.  It was pretty visible in the daylight.  He ran inside and yelled at his Papa “Come NOW”, he wanted to show it to him.  The kids and I were on the porch just giggling, because of the excitement of a 2-year-old trying to get his Papa to come out NOW.


Yea, I’m not quite sure what the discussion was but it was a good picture.

We then got busy, first off 3 of us with a camera is really kind confusing.  Each of us were saying “Smile” and no one knew where to look.


At one point, Cam-man and I decided to take a picture of each other….. You can see how mine turned out…


Auntie Boo went chasing after Cam-Man (AKA Monkey) this might be why she says she’s not having kids for a LONG TIME….



This is how sisters take pictures to put on their Facebook page, they don’t bother anybody, just snap the picture and away they go….

This would be the girls with the Electrician and I, of course Cam-Man had to smile his part….


This would be the Great Grandparents and Grandparents of Cam-Man.   AKA the Electricians Dad & Mom.


The Men…..

And the women….


After all of the pictures were taken, we came back inside and all hung out for a bit,


The evening ended with all the kids going home, but not until, ALL of the kids did a search for the cookies, that they knew I baked, but the Electrician had hidden.  The Electrician‘s parents truly laughed at how hard those kids searched.  And all because the Electrician had given Cam-Man a cookie after all the pictures were taken.  They searched the trash for the bag they knew the cookies were in.    They took things out of my cabinet and finally found them.

Uhm…I gotta make some more cookies now…:)






















2 responses

  1. so glad you have been having a good time with your family

  2. Wonderful happy photos!

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