Reality Comes back….

The past few days have been a ray of sunshine.  They have been filled with lots of laughter, hugs, and kisses.   The Electrician‘s parents aka My Outlaws  left today.  I know they were supposed to leave the day before but unfortunately, Papa got sick.  After a trip to Urgent Care yesterday morning.  Papa had bronchitis, it came on suddenly, and the Electrician and I and Mama were all worried.  He was given 3 different types of medicine, and he said when we called tonite, he was better.  I think he really just wanted to get home to his own bed.

When you are sick, and not in your own home, it makes a difference.  My MOL and I  made a Vegetable soup with some cheddar cheese bread last night and we steamed Papa’s face over the soup to help him feel better.

This morning at 6 am the Electrician woke me up, because they were packing up the car.  I went upstairs and we all had coffee together, and then finished packing up the car.  I did send them home with some frozen Illinois corn off the cob I had frozen earlier this summer, and also a couple of bags of green chili.

When it was all said and done, and the last hugs, and kisses were given, both the Electrician and I cried.  But we both know in about 4 months we will all be together again.

Somewhere in the past couple of days though, we’ve had some major worries.  We live on well-water.  That means, we have a well, and we pump the water into the house.  Two days ago, our water got kind of murky, as in brown.  Last night, we lost all water pressure.  The Electrician and I were worried.  We have lived in our house for 15 years, we’ve replaced the well pump, and the pressure tank in 15 years we have lived here we have never had this.  We were scared.

The cost, the worries, the pressure.  The Electrician is laid off right now, and we don’t have a bunch coming in.  The cost to dig a new well…. well, let me just say, we were worried, scared, nervous, biting our fingernails.

I went over to the Farmers this morning, a little later than I had said I would be, but ya know what?   I had to deal with stuff at home before I can deal with stuff at the Farmer’s.  Sorry Daddy.

Luckily for us, when they put the new pump in, they used the wrong type of fittings and the one’s the company used were galvanized, and they should have been brass.  Our fittings on the pump broke and that is what the problem was.   My pump is now working properly, and I have water, and while it still may be a little brown, the pressure is back to normal.  Thank God, because we are talking a difference of thousands of dollars to hundreds.

Momma,  well, she is doing ok.  Today was not a good day.  We have those.  You cannot  have a bunch of good days without having a bad day, and today was a bad one.  Parkinson’s has gripped her so tight today.  I seriously hate that.  But I have come to realize I have no say.

Momma did not know who I was this morning.  She was caught up in the grips of Parkinson‘s.  She had a bad dream and was scared, and while I tried to make it right, I failed.   The Farmer came in and tried to help to calm Momma down.  Sometimes the Parkinson’s brain, does not allow for anyone to help.  We did the only thing we could, gave her a kiss and left the room and told her to sleep.

I came back to get her up about an hour later, Momma was sorta back to herself.  We did her bath, but we hurried because Momma told me she had to pee, and was holding it.  I got her up and onto her potty,   I finished her bath on the potty.  I am proud of the fact, Momma went on the potty.

I’m sorry y’all, this week has been emotional in a way none of you will ever realize.  Picture this if you will….your Momma see’s you but she does not recognize you.  She thinks she knows you, but she is not sure, she is scared because of her dreams.    Be it your husband, your brother, your spouse.  It sucks.  Because while you may know them,, they don’t remember you.


3 responses

  1. i am sorry that after your laughter came sadness

  2. It is only recently that Momma has started not to recognize you?

    1. yes, it is only recently. She acted confused before, but now there are times she does not remember.

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