Good days, and bad days…..

Yesterday was an ok day, not great, but not bad.  Today,I decided to give the Farmer a break, so I snuck into his house to let him sleep in.  I got things ready  for Momma‘s first round of meds.  Made myself a cup of coffee, turned the t.v. on, and then went in to see how Momma was doing.  I listened to her tummy bubble, and took her temp, and then gave her meds, and a feeding with a water flush through the tube.  Momma never woke up.

I went out and cleaned everything up and got the next round ready, then sat down with my coffee, and watched the News about the Eastern Coast and how they had fared from Hurricane Sandy.

I have to insert here, I have a bunch of friends that are all over the area that was hit.  I have heard from a few, and I believe the others are going through power outages, but I pray they are all ok.

The Farmer had a good sleep in today, and finally surfaced at about 9:30, sure beats getting up at 7.  He looked relaxed, so I went ahead and started breakfast of Denver omelets this morning.  While we were eating he asked how Momma was this morning, and I replied with “sleeping, and no, she did not wake up at 8, when I gave her the meds.”  The Farmer then told me about something that has been happening the past couple of nights.  It is a new thing. It was hard for the Farmer to explain it to me other than it scares him.  The closest thing I can think of to explain it is, she kind of forgets to breath.

I’m glad he told me about this, because a few minutes later, I heard Momma choking.  I ran into the room, and she looked at me and there were tears rolling  down her face, and there was a look of sheer terror.  I pulled her upright and asked her what was the matter, and she told me someone was after her.  I finally convinced her no one was after her, and that she was safe in her bed, in her home with me and the Farmer and the 2 cats were the only ones there.  She stopped crying and then fell back asleep.

The Farmer left to go do a couple of errands, and I got busy making spaghetti and meatballs for the Farmer’s dinner.  Well, I made the sauce and meatballs, and then ended up freezing the extra meatballs and sauce for a dinner later on. While I was rolling meatballs, I heard Momma again, and I flew into her room.  I really do not know what is going on with her, but it is kinda of like she forgets to breath, and then tries to suck in all the air she can and then chokes.  After calming her down again, and giving her the 3rd dose of meds, she went back to sleep.

I finished up all the other stuff I had to do, and then I got Momma up.  When I went in and pulled the blinds up, she smiled and never even knew anything of the morning.   I asked her how she had slept, and she replied with “not to bad”.  She gave me that big morning hug, I always ask for, and then when the Farmer came in she wanted a big hug from him too.  She walked out to her chair, and did really good.    5 minutes in her chair and she was asleep.

I woke her up to give her the 2’s, and she fell asleep while I was giving them to her.  I finished up my stuff, because I had to fly down the road to an appointment, but as I was giving hugs and kisses, she grabbed onto me and told me she loved me, and thanked me for everything.

This was different from yesterday, when we had the discussion about her telling me she had to leave, and when I asked her where she was going, she told me home.  When I looked at her and told her she was home, I got the look, to which she replied, she was going home to HER Mom and Dad.

Things are definitely a little wacky right now.  Sometimes, when I watch Momma sleep, she pulls her head off the pillow, and giggles, talks, and gestures, but is asleep.  I’m not sure what she is dreaming about, but she is very lively.  It’s just a little sad, that she is sleeping so many hours of the day, and we see her briefly here and there.





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  1. It seems like the end is near? And you are making it so beautiful and peaceful for your Momma and the Farmer too.

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