Fall has fallen…..

Well, its fall.  The trees are “snaked” as the College student used to like to say when she was little.

The Electrician has been busy around my house, mowing the yard for the last time, and putting up the bird bath and all of the other garden stuff.  Last night he told me, he had burned all the downed tree limbs in the burn pit.

Today he was going to mow for one last time, and while he’s been mowing, I’ve done all that domestic diva stuff that I do.  But I had to laugh when I looked out the living room bay window and saw this.

Parked at my front entrance is a man-less lawn mower.  I wondered where he had gone, when there was a knock on my sliding glass doors downstairs.  So, I ran down and there was the Electrician, holding a burnt rake.  When I asked him what happened, he told me he was burning leaves in the front, and he wasn’t quite sure how it happened, because this is the rake he uses in the burn pit and has used countless years for burning leaves.    Note to self,  add a rake to the Christmas wish list.

After hearing that he was burning leaves out front, I went and got the camera.

What is it about Men and fire?  This man has built a fire the past couple of days.  I think he just likes burning stuff.

He appears totally happy to me.




So while Fall has fallen and all of the trees are snaked and the leaves burned, I am already in the planning stages of our Thanksgiving dinner.  It is only 3 weeks away folks.    We have some of the usual suspects on the table, but this year I am going to try some new things which I will spend the next couple of weeks trying out, to see if they are a yay or a nay.

Do y’all have any special things that end up on your Thanksgiving table?


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  1. someday when all is calm, i will be sitting at your Thanksgiving table, just me and only me

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