It was a Cowboy Halloween…

Well ..the last piece of candy has been given out and the last trick or treat’er has left to go home.

Before the spookiness started though, I had a semi-rough day, and was rewarded, by my Electrician cooking me dinner.   Now, I don’t know about y’all, but to me a man in the kitchen is kinda sexy.  Not to mention I got to take a nice relaxing shower and not have to worry about anything.

I arrived at the dinner table, squeaky clean, and refreshed.  I was served chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and sweet corn.    Now to be honest, I have tried to make white gravy, and chicken fried steak, and I seriously suck at it.  Since this is one of the main dinners he makes that is “slap yo Momma good”.  I just let him make it, and I do the dishes.

With dinner over, and dishes done, we got ready for all the little trick or treats to arrive at our door.  We had a few, and then a little Cowboy arrived with his posse.  He even had a gun and horse.  We have determined that this little stinker is just to cute for words, so, here’s some pictures to explain….


Little Man came into our house, giggling the whole way.  He sat down so Papa could take his picture.  He had to show me, he could ride his horse…

He kind of just bounced on it but we all laughed and he laughed too.  Little Cowboy wanted some of his candy, so I opened up his smarties, and he went for it.


This is Cam-man with his Momma and other Grandma. they were his “posse”.   But when his Momma grabbed him, he just giggled!


Here he wanted to share his candy, and then rode his horse, who made noises like a horse and had us all giggling!!!!


He was so totally different this year trick or treating from last year…. last year, he had no concept.  This year he actually knocked on the doors, said Trick or Treat, and then when he got treats, he said “Thank You” plain as day.  What a kid….


He truly loved the horse though, it made noises like a horse and he bounced on that thing.  We all said it should be a kangaroo, simply for the fact how he bounced on it.

I stuffed his pockets in his shirt with candy and told him that was his “secret stash”.  I had to laugh when he left though.  He was walking out the front door, screaming “BYE, BYE”   “YOU TOO”.  Papa chased him out the door and he got rattled and dropped his horse and ran screaming in the night.  His Mama found him and loaded him up into the car, and I stood at the door, waving and said “Bye Cam-man, LOVE YOU”  he got into the car and screamed out “BYE, YOU TOO”.  That’s lil dude’s way of saying Love you too.  Hope y’all had a good one and Happy Halloween.






4 responses

  1. he is so adorable with those big eyes……………

  2. He is sooooo cute! What is chicken fried steak?

    1. pork cutlets cooked like fried chicken, and really delicious….

    2. kind of like “cowboy steak” 🙂

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