Day 4…..


I am thankful for my home.  After spending all day in my kitchen, and I am thankful, that I have a place to play, and create dinners.    I never thought I would actually own my own home, and the Electrician made my dream possible.

Although some of those domestic diva things get piled up, I am thankful I have a home to do those domestic diva things in.

What are you thankful for today?


7 responses

    1. That is a Blessing. So, he has had a good day?

      1. yes he did, i took him to Lowes and we wandered through the Christmas lines, and he bought himself some things,a coca cola lunch box ornament, a snoopy that sings Merry Christmas, and a snow globe. he is fascinated with snow globes. i haven’t seen so many smiles, and huge grins in a long time. it brought tears to my eyes

      2. That in my book is a REALLY GOOD DAY!!!!!

  1. Ming and I haven’t argued for days!

    1. That’s a Blessing too!!!!!

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